Food News May 2018

The danger of raw eggs in ready-to-eat foods Many food businesses use raw eggs in ready-to-eat foods and drinks. The alarming fact is a lot of food operators are not aware of how dangerous these products can be.

Foods like cocktails, mixed drinks, mayonnaises and aioli increasingly contain egg white. Egg whites are added to cocktails and mayonnaise to give a rich, silky, foam texture whereas the egg yolk or whole egg is added to give an ‘eggy’ flavour. outbreaks. In the past there have been salmonella outbreaks where businesses used raw eggs to make various sauces and have not kept the products under temperature control (below 5°C). It is essential that when producing your own sauces that you use pasteurised eggs to reduce the likelihood of food poisoning from egg based products. Eggs are a common carrier of salmonella and the cause of many salmonella related

To reduce the risk of salmonella poisoning you should: » buy eggs from a reputable seller » ensure the eggs are within their use by date » don’t use eggs with cracked or damaged shells. » eggs should contain no faecal matter or feathers » when you crack the egg, if any part looks abnormal, discoloured, cloudy, throw it away » buy pasteurised eggs (pasteurising eggs kills bacteria, like salmonella) » use an alternative egg product, essentially processed eggs that are sold whole or as whites or yolks alone, and » store eggs in the refrigerator under temperature control.

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