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Update from CWM

It’s been a busy spring at Campbell Wealth. This month, I want to focus on two things we have in the pipeline that we’re excited to share with you: our new podcast and our new conference room! Let’s start with the new podcast. Podcasts have become one of the most popular ways to consume media. They’re accessible, and you can listen to them virtually anywhere — at home, in the car, at work, or while you’re out going for a walk. We wanted something you could listen to on your own time, so we created the "Whealth Right" podcast. And yes, you did read that correctly. "Whealth Right" is "Where Wealth and Health Unite." The idea behind the podcast is pretty simple. There were two major topics I want to home in on: health and wealth. These are two topics important to me and to many of our clients. It really stems from my youth. As I’ve mentioned, my father passed away when he was 51 years old. It put my mother in a difficult financial situation. It took her years to get back on track, meanwhile I was in school trying to get a good education. But through it all, the topics of health and wealth have stayed on my mind. That’s why I do what I do, and now why I bring these topics to a podcast. We’ll be tackling money topics and feature interviews with numerous professionals from the financial industry. We will also be talking about health, fitness, and other related topics. You can definitely expect interviews with these professionals too. Basically, it’s another resource to help you get healthy and stay wealthy. You can check our Facebook page for updates. The "Whealth Right" podcast will be available on various podcast apps. We invite you to listen and to share it with your family and friends. I hope you enjoy it! Secondly, I want to introduce our new education center. For a long time, it’s been my goal to provide educational events to our clients in our office. We serve those who are 55 and older who typically have

$500,000 or more in investable assets. It can actually be a challenge for folks in this demographic to find educational events that are tailored to their specific needs and interests. That’s where this education center comes in! We took over the fourth floor

of our Alexandria office building and created a conference room for our educational events, along with other client and team member events, as they come up. The conference room fits 50–60 people comfortably. I’m excited that we finally have a learning center right in our office. We have a number of events coming up soon, so watch out for updates on our website. We can’t wait to get the most out of this new space — and we can’t wait to share it with you. We’ve even been brainstorming names for the space. I mean, we can’t just call it the education center, right? It needs a little extra character. I’ll let you know what we decide. Stay tuned!

Kelly Campbell

P.S. If you haven’t already heard, our new Ambassador Program has rolled out. Our first Ambassador exclusive event is set for Friday, June 19, at 6 p.m. at Wolf Trap. Simply become an Ambassador by referring someone who may benefit from the services we provide at CWM. For more information, you can contact our office at (571) 800-6371.

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AGolden Opportunity in Your Golden Years 3 Tips for Changing Careers Later in Life

Forget the Money Money matters, but it shouldn’t be your first priority on the job hunt. Instead, consider what’s going to make you the happiest. What’s your dream job? What have you always enjoyed doing? If money wasn’t an option, what would you be doing right now instead of counting down the hours to 5 p.m.? Be realistic in your goals and find something you love. Seek Guidance Remember, you’re not alone in this fight! Plenty of people switch careers midway through their lives to focus on something they really enjoy. Seek guidance from those who have had a similar experience and look to professional job hunters or consultants for help. Furthermore, after years in the same job or industry, you’re bound to have made a few connections. Reach out for professional support. Regardless of what path you choose, remember that a career you enjoy is always possible. We can’t promise that you’ll love getting up at 6 a.m., but at least you won’t dread what comes next. Keep emotion out of the conversation. Like investing, it’s important to keep emotion out of the equation, as hard as that can be. Stay rational and levelheaded about your decision-making, and listen to what they have to say. If they try to sway you with emotion, such as guilt, that’s a red flag. They shouldn’t have to guilt you into lending or gifting money. Understand why they need money. Your relative may be coming up short because of a job loss or illness, but there are other ways you can help them without giving money. In the case of losing a job, your family member may be struggling with money as expenses mount, but connecting them with a potential employer or someone in the know may prove more valuable than a loan. As the proverbial wisdom goes, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Draw up terms for loaning money. If you decide to loan money to a relative, get the terms in writing and get the document notarized. The document should detail the amount lent, interest rate (if you decide to charge interest, of course), terms of repayment, and terms of nonpayment. If your relative balks at the idea, consider it a red flag. Both parties must be on the same page before any money changes hands. Don’t lecture. No matter why they need money, avoid returning your relative’s request with a lecture. This creates tension. If you, for whatever reason, are not comfortable in lending or gifting money, say no and end the conversation. There are times when an open conversation about money is necessary, such as discussions related to estate planning, but for this type of situation, keep the conversation to the facts.

It’s 6 a.m. on Monday morning, and your alarm clock blares in your face. You groan and, with the thought of another week looming over you, pull yourself out of bed. But

the early wake-up call is the least of your worries. Another week has begun, and you’re still stuck in a job that you no longer love or maybe never did. Does this sound familiar? If so, you may believe changing careers isn’t worth the hassle, especially if you’re close to retirement, but here’s the secret: It’s not too late! There’s nothing stopping you from finding a career you love later in life. Here are three tips to get you started. Be Flexible If it’s been a while since you’ve hunted for a job, then you may have forgotten what it’s like. Job searching can be exhausting, and some job requirements can look overwhelming. But getting stuck in your ways and focusing on the things you cannot do will only hinder your ability to find a job you actually love. Instead, take a deep breath and be open to what comes. You may discover a hidden talent or passion! THE MONEY TALK It comes up from time to time. A relative calls you or mentions at a family gathering that they need money. It can be uncomfortable, but if a family member asks you for money, what should you do? Gut instinct generally tells us to answer “no.” Lending money to a friend or family member can be a headache more than anything else, but we may find it difficult to say “no.” After all, if a relative comes to us in a time of need, it’s human nature to try and help. Here are a few things to consider before answering this type of request from a relative: What to Do When a Relative Asks for Money

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Here’s How to Plan for It Ask Other Nomads Crowdsource advice from friends and family

You’ve worked hard for years to arrive at this moment: retirement. Now that you’re free of your 9-to-5 job, you have a lot more time for activities you enjoy. That extra time is what leads many people to turn to a nomadic lifestyle after retirement. Touring in an RV, sailing around the world, or even just retiring to a cabin in a remote locale are all popular options for new

members who’ve taken the leap. Lots of other people have shared your dream and made it a reality. Many

have turned their experience into books or blogs, like Lynne Martin, who’s been traveling around the world with her husband, Tim, for the last three years. The Martins used the sale of their home to finance their travels. They also take cruises to cut down on travel costs and often dine in to save money. Do Your Research If you have a specific place in mind for your retirement, like Hawaii or Texas, look at rental costs and other lifestyle changes that can affect your budget. For example, Hawaii’s cost of living is cheaper than other popular retirement states, like Florida, but basic commodities may be more expensive. If a boat or RV is more your style, be sure to add repair and fuel costs into your budget. As you go about researching and planning, be sure to consult with your financial advisor so they can help you look at your current situation and make adjustments. With the proper planning, you’ll be living your nomadic dream in no time.

retirees. If the spirit of adventure is calling you, here are some financial tips to set you on the right path.

Downsize Before You Go Some folks choose to sell their home and use the income to fund their travels, staying in apartments and rentals as they go. If that seems too drastic, downsizing to a smaller home is also

a good option, especially if you plan to travel in intervals but want a home base to return to. This also gives you the option of renting your home while you’re away and using the money to continue traveling.

Would you like to be a Campbell Wealth Management Ambassador? Would you like access to exclusive CWMAmbassador events?

WE ARE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE OUR We are excited to announce our Inaugural Ambassador Event! DATE & TIME: TBD CWMAmbassadors are invited to a private reception at Wolf Trap. (Future "Riverdance" show d t will be ann unced, as the June 19 show has be n p stponed.) CWM Ambassadors are invited to a private reception at Wolf Trap followed by the 25th Anniversary Show of Riverdance . Not yet an Ambassador? Now is the time to become a member by simply referring someone who may benefit from our services. When your referral comes in for their initial meeting, you will officially become an Ambassador and be invited to this exclusive event. This event is an opportunity to thank you, our Ambassadors, for referring your family and friends to Campbell Wealth. Please join us!  Send your referral information to Mirela Tsai at or call (571) 800 - 6371. Not yet an Ambassador? Now is the time to become a member by simply referring someone who may benefit from our services. Wh your referral comes in for their initial meeting, you will officially become an Ambassador and b invited to this exclusive event. This event is an opportunity to thank you, our Ambassadors, for referring your family and friends to Campbell Wealth. Please join us! Send your referral information to Mirela Tsai at mirela@ or c ll (571) 800-6371. INAUGURAL AMBASSADOR EVENT FRIDAY , JUNE 19TH AT 6 : 00PM

All you have to do is refer a friend. Do you know someone who: • Wants to be better prepared for retirement?

• Is looking for a second opinion regarding their portfolio? • Has gone through a major life event (death of a spouse, retirement, etc.)? Call us at ( 571) 800-6371 and let’s set up an introduction! If they are important to you, they are important to us.

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A Few Updates From CWM Finding a Job You Love at Any Age Is There a Right Answer When a Relative Asks for Money? How to Make the Most of a Nomadic Lifestyle After Retirement Our Inaugural Ambassador Event is Coming This June! Become a Campbell Wealth Management Ambassador The Best Locations for Spring Blooms



Securities offered only by duly registered individuals through Madison Avenue Securities, LLC (MAS), member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered only by duly registered individuals through Campbell Wealth Management, LLC (CWM), a Registered Investment Advisor. MAS and CWM are not affiliated entities.

SEE SPRING BLOOM InThese Beautiful Locations

features nature walks, art, photography, culinary experiences, and more. For a truly unique experience, you can even ascend the

Spring is here, which means beautiful flowers are finally showing themselves after a long winter. Here are some of the best places in the U.S. to see flower blossoms and welcome the season. Great Smoky Mountains The Great Smoky Mountains National Park stretches across North Carolina and Tennessee, and while its scenery is beautiful year- round, the park is especially alluring to nature enthusiasts during the spring. Through this season, miles of lady’s-slipper orchids, irises, cardinal flowers, and lilies dot its lush green landscape. It’s dubbed “Wildflower National Park” throughout this time of year, and you can experience it by car or on foot. The park also offers expert-led tours that weave through the flowers during their peak bloom. Crested Butte Crested Butte, Colorado, is best known for its winter sports and summer hikes. But recently it has drawn the attention of flower enthusiasts for its unique pink, orange, and gold alpine wildflowers that appear in the spring. This natural phenomenon even inspired the creation of the annual Wildflower Festival in midsummer, which

town’s titular Crested Butte to spot some rare alpine sunflowers next to the picturesque West Elk Mountains. Antelope Valley

The California Poppy Reserve in Lancaster, California, is a 1,780-acre park that features sloping hills covered with fields of vibrant orange, yellow, and red poppies in the spring. Warm temperatures and heavy rainfall across Southern California during this time of year create a brief period of thick blooms as far as the eye can see. And while the poppies can be enjoyed from the comfort of your car, the best way to experience them is to walk the leisurely Antelope Loop Trail for a breathtaking, up-close adventure. Spring flora is gorgeous and naturally attracts large crowds of people every year. If you plan to visit any of these destinations, just remember that their ecosystems are delicate. Respect park signs, stay on designated trails, and do your part to make sure these flowers return year after year for future generations to enjoy.

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