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ADRIAN LATSCU, PTA After years of being a graphic designer, I knew I wanted to do something different and help make a difference in people’s lives. I come from a family, who has worked in the healthcare field, such as primary physicians, physician’s assistant, nurses, and medical technicians. Physical Therapy seemed like a calling, being able to help people recover from their injuries and improve their activities of daily living. In 2015, I graduated from Florida Gateway College in Lake City, FL, where I earned my Associate of Science degree in Physical Therapist Assistant. Prior to working at ReQuest Physical Therapy, I had the opportunity to work with pediatrics at Suwannee Bend Services in High Springs, FL. I have experienced working with patients that have physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and amputees. Outside the clinic, I love spending time with my wife and family, traveling across the country, playing in an adult co-ed kickball league, exercising, playing my guitars and bass, and attending college/pro football and pro soccer games.


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According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 1 in 2 people will have symptoms of knee osteoarthritis sometime before the age of 85. They also state that approximately 54.4 million U.S. adults are diagnosed with some form of arthritis each year. Signs of arthritis may include pain with squatting, bending, or sitting too long. Pain that is worse in the morning but seems to disappear throughout the day may also be a sign of arthritis. There are a number of reasons why arthritis may occur, including: • Normal or abnormal wear and tear on joint cartilage. • Injuries that damage cartilage and joints. • Diseases that damage cartilage. • Lack of joint support from poor muscle strength and tissue flexibility. Do you think you may be experiencing the signs of early-onset arthritis? Are you looking to manage your arthritic pains so you can live more comfortably? If so, contact ReQuest Physical Therapy today. What exactly is arthritis? The term “arthritis” refers to any chronic condition that affects the joints, causing pain and inflammation. The Arthritis Foundation states that there are over 100 different types of arthritis that exist. However, the two most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. REEL IN THE REAL RELIEF FOR ARTHRITIS PAIN! INSIDE: • How Can I Relieve My Arthritis? • Exercise Essentials • Patient Success Spotlight • Healthy Recipe • Trim Your Pains Away With Ergonomic Gardening Tools

Whether you have arthritis pain or have been suffering for a long time, seeing a physical therapist at ReQuest Physical Therapy can help you return to a more active and pain-free life. Give us a call today:

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Osteoarthritis is the most common, and it happens as a gradual “wear and tear” of cartilage surrounding the joints. This can occur from age or from excessive, repetitive use of the affected joint(s). When cartilage is worn down, it can no longer act as a strong cushion and shock absorber for the joints, resulting in bone-on-bone friction and painful inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis is a bit different from osteoarthritis and it is not as well understood. It is the second most commonly experienced form of arthritis, and it develops as an autoimmune response. When someone has rheumatoid arthritis, their immune system sees the joints as a threat. Because of this perceived threat, the immune system attacks the joints, resulting in pain and inflammation. While research is ongoing, in order to better understand rheumatoid arthritis, many experts believe that your hormones, medical history, and environment could all be contributing factors. If you are suffering from arthritis pain, schedule an evaluation of your spinal health with us today!

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While there is not yet a known cure for arthritis, there are some steps you can take on your own, in addition to physical therapy treatments, to make sure your pain is managed to the best of your ability. These include: 1. Getting exercise. It can sometimes feel difficult to move when you are suffering from arthritis. However, exercise is important for relieving pain and maintaining joint function. It is also vital in strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility, and improving blood flow. In order to avoid additional pressure on the affected joint(s), you can mix weight bearing and non-weight bearing exercises, such as aquatic exercises or bicycling. Your physical therapist will prescribe targeted exercises to you that you can do both during your PT sessions and on your own time. Cartilage receives its nutrition from joint fluid, so the more you exercise, the better. 2. Taking your vitamins. The Arthritis Foundation states that there are a multitude of benefits in taking glucosamine and chondroitin vitamins. Glucosamine is naturally made in the body and helps support the cartilage by retaining water and preventing wear. Therefore, taking additional glucosamine vitamins can help with damaged cartilage. Some studies have also shown glucosamine to slow down joint damage altogether. Consult with your physical therapist about additional supplements to help ease your pain and promote cartilage health. 3. Avoiding certain foods. Did you know that some foods actually increase the body’s natural inflammatory response? Fried foods, soda, processed foods, and foods with high sugar content and high fat can cause the inflammation of your arthritis to worsen. By cutting out these foods, you can help naturally relieve the inflammation in your body. 4. Taking calcium and magnesium supplements. Many people are deficient in calcium and magnesium. These are vital minerals needed for hundreds of processes in your body. Having enough calcium and magnesium allows

you to build strong bones while simultaneously reducing irritated nerve endings, thus decreasing pain. If possible, find supplements that are in powder form that can be easily digested and help your body’s intake of these essential minerals. 5. Getting plenty of rest. Sleep is a time for our body and brain to repair itself. Making sure you are getting enough sleep is important. By allotting yourself 7-8 hours of rest each night, you are able to allow your body to repair and decrease pain. When you are tired, your body does not function as well, increasing the inflammatory response and reducing your pain threshold. Regardless of the cause of arthritis, physical therapy plays a major role in the treatment of its symptoms. Physical therapy should always be the first method of treatment, before resorting to more aggressive procedures, such as surgery. If the condition is severe and surgery is required, physical therapy can also help you prepare and recover from your procedure. If you or a loved one is suffering from arthritis (or you think you might be), contact ReQuest Physical Therapy today. We will get you started on a treatment plan that will help restore your mobility, comfort, and quality of life.

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INGREDIENTS • 2 cup lightly packed fresh arugula • 2 cup lightly packed fresh basil • 1/3 cup avocado

• 1/4 cup raw walnuts • 1 clove garlic

• 1 tsp. peppercorns, ground • Juice 1 lemon or to taste • 2 tbsp. water (if needed)

DIRECTIONS Pulse all ingredients in food processor or high powered blender. Scrape sides as needed, until ingredients are paste like or desired consistency. If necessary, add water by teaspoon to reach desired consistency. Use less water to make pesto more like a spread or paste or use more water to make it more like a sauce. Serve immediately or refrigerate at least 30 minutes to allow flavors to blend. Enjoy as a warm sauce for spaghetti squash or cauliflower “rice” or as cool dressing for salad. Note: Freeze extra pesto in an ice cube tray. Transfer frozen cubes to re-sealable container and freeze up to 6 months. Defrost as needed.

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The Balance and Fall Prevention Workshop on August 31st at Gainesville Health & Fitness. Register today! Limited seats available.

You’ll learn: • How to improve balance. • Learn how to re-arrange your house to prevent falls. • Ways to prevent falls while remaining active. • Exercises to improve dizziness and balance.

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“When I first started coming to physical therapy I weighed about 315 pounds. I also had back and feet pain. After a year of being with the therapists at ReQuest I have lost 120 pounds, plus I eliminated my back and foot pain. During my time here the staff was kind, courteous, and encouraged me to give everything my best. However, the best thing is that they helped me turn my unhealthy life into a life that is healthy and pain free. Because of my decision to come here, my hard work, and the work of the therapists, I am happier, stronger, more mobile, and more confident in myself and my abilities. I will always remember this place and the wonderful staff that operate here. I highly recommend this place and its staff to anyone who needs therapy, and to remember that if I could do what I did so can you.”

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Which ergonomic gardening tools should I consider? There are a variety of ergonomic tools that can help protect you from sustaining an injury while tending to your plants, flowers, and shrubbery. Some of the most beneficial ones include: • Ergonomic digging tools. Digging can cause abnormal bending, twisting, and stretching of your wrists that could result in pain or injury. By using a curved-handle tool (such as a shovel, scooper, or cultivator) for digging purposes, you can avoid straining your wrists while scooping out soil or planting flowers. • Ergonomic pruning tools. Pruning can strain your arms and shoulders, due to the pressure and angle of the task. Ergonomic pruning tools can increase leverage and make cutting in general significantly easier. Companies such as Fiskars use patented PowerGear mechanisms to ease the strain of cutting and increase consumer usability. Because of this, they are also recognized by the “Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Commendation.” • Ergonomic watering tools. Pulling a watering hose through the garden and coiling it back up afterward can cause aches and pains in the arms and hands, especially if someone is suffering from arthritis in their upper extremities. Ergonomic watering tools include lightweight garden hoses, soakers, and drip hoses, that can be easily snaked throughout the garden, thus easing strain on the arms. Hose chests with automatic rewinding features can also be purchased in order to avoid manual coiling with

achy or stiff hands. • Ergonomic container gardening. Reaching, bending, and stretching down to tend to your garden can result in pain from hunched and overworked muscles. Container gardening, such as raised garden beds and trellises, can help fix this. With container gardening, the garden is brought to you, eliminating the need to reach down to work on it. This can greatly eliminate pain in the shoulders and arms, as the muscles will be much less stressed with raised containers. What if I still feel pain? While ergonomic gardening tools are great for lowering the risk of pain and injury, sometimes they unfortunately do not always do the trick. If you still find yourself in pain while working on your garden, contact ReQuest Physical Therapy as soon as possible. One of our physical therapists will take a look at your upper extremities in order to determine the root of the pain. Afterward, an individualized treatment plan will be created for you in order to relieve your pain and improve your overall function. Treatments may include manual therapy, massage, or guided exercises to get the affected area(s) back to their normal range of motion. If you are suffering from upper extremity pain contact ReQuest Physical Therapy today! We’ll help you trim your pains away so you can get back to tending to your garden as much as you’d like.

Exercise Essentials Try this exercise to keep you moving...

About Us When you need physical therapy, you have the right to choose where you go. If you are tired of being a number and ready for a physical therapy team that’s proud to offer special services not found in any other practice in the Gainesville area, ReQuest Physical Therapy is your choice. We offer a variety of additional premier services to make your time at ReQuest as pleasant as possible, including discounts for cash/self-pay patients, flexible payment schedules, and same-day appointments. We also accept patients without a physician’s referral, so you can begin treatment quickly and without the hassle of extra paperwork.

PRONE HIP EXTENSION While lying face down with your knee straight, slowly raise up leg off the ground.

Exercises copyright of

Loosens tight hips

FORWARD BEND - LONG SITTING Sit with legs straight out and lower back tall Bend forward keeping lower back tall to feel a stretch in the back of your thighs.

Relieves low back pain

Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing.

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