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The BestWay to Celebrate 5Years of Marriage

and po’e , a sort of sweet banana gelatin. But the best food we ate was from the breakfast buffet at our resort in Bora Bora. They had a ridiculous spread. There were waffles, an omelet bar,

This year, Renee and I celebrated our five-year wedding anniversary, and we wanted to do something really special. My parents came down to take care of Audrey while we took an unforgettable trip to Bora Bora. This tropical island is part of French Polynesia, so imagine Hawaii mixed with France. The whole trip was unforgettable. Renee and I first flew into Tahiti, spent the night there, and then took a ferry to a nearby island called Mo'orea. We rented a car to drive all over the island, through jungles and over mountains, before spending the second day laying out on the beach. The start of our trip was spent decompressing, something we both really needed. Then, we jumped on a little prop plane and flew to Bora Bora. While in Bora Bora, we stayed in this bungalow that sat literally over a lagoon. I could jump off the deck right into the water — which I did several times. It was amazing — it was like having a part of the ocean as your own private pool. We alternated between just relaxing and being very “go, go, go.” One day was packed with snorkeling in the morning followed by swimming with stingrays and then touring the island on a Jet Ski. I’ve never been on a Jet Ski in my life, and Renee hadn’t ridden one since she was in middle school, but we agreed she should drive. At first, it was terrifying. Renee was going close to 45 mph on this thing, skipping across the water while I was holding on for dear life. Eventually, we got the hang of it, and it turned out to be really fun. We got to see some beautiful parts of the island we would never have known about. In addition to the experiences, we also ate a lot of great food during the trip. There was Poisson cru , the national dish of Tahiti, Ahi ma'a , a form of traditional cooking I can only describe as an underground crockpot, “I could jump off the deck and right out into the water —which I did several times.”

and your usual stuff, alongside 10 different varieties of tropical fruit. The resort also gets a lot of tourists from Asia, so there were tons of Asian breakfast staples, like dim sum. Best of all, because Bora Bora is a French territory, their pastry game was on point! I mean éclairs, croissants, doughnuts — and everything was baked to perfection. Renee and I don’t usually eat breakfast, but we were on vacation, so we went a little wild. I don’t want to know how much weight we gained from breakfasts alone, but I’d like to think we worked some off those calories off Jet Skiing around the island. This was our first international trip since Audrey was born, and it was pretty hard to be away from her for nine days. We really started missing her, and it sounds like by the end of the trip she was missing us, too. I’m really glad FaceTime exists so we were able to keep in touch and see her. It was easy to check in on what was going on at home. My parents sent us little videos of Audrey, and we could send videos back of what we were doing. It really helped with the distance. Ten years ago, before smartphones, this kind of trip would have been totally different.

As far as vacations go, our trip to Bora Bora is going to be hard to beat. I used up a lot of credit card points, but it was well worth it. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, as they say. And, in my opinion, the perfect way to celebrate five years of being married to the love of my life.

–Dr. Seth Evans

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