2022 CAST New Varieties Guide | NA

V E G E T A T I V E | A N N U A L S

B I DENS B i den s f e r u l i f o l i a Brazen ™

Bold and brazen for outrageous combinations. • Striking colors and unique, clear flower patterns brighten up retail programs and gardens. • A collection of both vigorous and compact varieties create bold options for combinations. • In mixed combos or on their own, bees and butterflies love the fiery blossoms.

Brazen ™ Happy Sun 70091937

EXPOSURE Part Sun–Full Sun DIMENSIONS 16–24” W x 8–12” H

HABIT Mounding, Upright FORMS URC, AutoStix ®

Brazen ™ Red Flare 70091936


CA L I BR ACHOA C a l i b r a c h o a hyb r i d a Cabrio ™

Convert to consistency. • Controlled, mounded habits work well in both small pots and baskets. • All colors flower consistently at 10.5 hours of day length. • Hyper-uniform habits play well together for impactful multi-color combinations.

Cabrio ™ Eclipse Light Rose 70074748

EXPOSURE Part Sun–Full Sun DIMENSIONS 12–16” W x 4–8” H

HABIT Mounding FORMS URC, AutoStix ®



2 0 2 2 – 2 3 N E W V A R I E T I E S

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