2022 CAST New Varieties Guide | NA

V E G E T A T I V E | A N N U A L S

PE T UN I A Pe t un i a hyb r i d a Sanguna ®

Bold and bright and best for baskets. • Big flowers and bright colors are ideal for impactful hanging baskets and combos. • Strong habits fill fast and are covered in color from top to bottom. • The ultimate spring mixer and a foundation of many best-selling Kwik Kombos ™ .

Sanguna ® Coral 70076481

EXPOSURE Full Sun DIMENSIONS 20–24” W x 10–14” H HABIT Mounding, Trailing FORMS URC, AutoStix ®


PE T UN I A Pe t un i a hyb r i d a Sanguna ® Patio

Awesome early. • Compact and early flowering habits go to market first, full, and in flower. • Controlled and upright, makes Sanguna Patio the ideal choice for high density production in small containers. • Grown cool, Sanguna Patio requires little to no PGRs or pinching and holds its shape covered in color.

Sanguna ® Patio Melon Morn 70087710

EXPOSURE Full Sun DIMENSIONS 10–14” W x 10–14” H

HABIT Upright FORMS URC, AutoStix ®

Sanguna ® Patio Radiant Violet 70091587



2 0 2 2 – 2 3 N E W V A R I E T I E S

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