Township assumes total cost of St-Jacques Bridge re-fit

for the municipality to take on a $745,000 loan for its share of the cost and seek the remaining money through provincial infrastructuregrants. But the Ontario budget report released earlier in the spring indicates there will be no new infrastructure money available to municipalities and there might even be reductions in the funding available for existing provincial grant-in-aid programs relatedtoinfrastructure. Thetownship’spublicworksdepartment has identified upgrades to the St-Jacques Bridge as an “urgent need” for this year. Council accepted administration’s recommendationforthetownshiptofinance the entire project now through a bank loan with a maximum borrowing limit of $1,045,000 to allow for a small contingency fund.


EMBRUN|RussellTownshipcouncilhas decidedthattheSt-JacquesBridgerehab project will go ahead this year after all evenifthereisn’tanychanceofprovincial fundinghelp for it. Council voted during its April 16 session to accept a recommendation from administrationforachangetothefinancing plan for the St-Jacques Bridge re-fit project plannedforthisyear.Atendercallwillgoout later this spring for contractors to bid on million-dollarproject. The2012capitalworksbudgetincludesa $1,020,000estimateforthepossiblecostfor repairs to the bridge. The original plan was

photoSébastienPierroz The2012capitalworksbudgetincludesa$1,020,000estimateforthepossiblecost for repairs to the bridge.

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