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Letters From the Hart Give us a call! 239-437-4278 Or visit TIMHARTJR.COM GETS A MAKEOVER The Best New Mortgage Website Online Corporate NMLS #3035

Where can you read reviews on the latest Hollywood blockbusters, watch videos covering the various types of home loans, listen to interviews with Florida’s best and brightest, and apply for a home loan all in one place? Our new website, . In the last few years, we’ve been creating more and more resources for people. Even I have to think about where everything is when I recommend a video or blog post to help prospective homebuyers. Now the website collects all the content and puts it in one place. Don’t worry — if you enjoy listening to “The HartBeat Show” podcast on Spotify, new episodes will still be there. They’re just also going to be on the new website alongside episodes of “Rates and Reels,” digital copies of “Letters from the Hart,” online applications, and other pieces of quality content. I’m proud of how the website came together. It was over a year in the making, but I’m glad it’s here now. The internet is full of content, which makes it easy to do research and find answers to any question you could possibly have. Unfortunately, not all of the information available online is accurate, and it’s easy to be led astray. When you’re doing something as important as buying or refinancing your home, you need good information so you can make the right decisions about your future. When I set out to build a new website, one of my first goals was to make it easy to navigate. Refinancing your home can be stressful enough without navigating some mortgage company’s website that hasn't been redesigned since 1994. Our new website loads fast and has everything you need right at the top of the homepage. If you’re a homebuyer looking to learn what kind of loan you qualify for, the information is a click away. Are you a Realtor who wants to enjoy smooth closings? We have that toolkit waiting for you, too. Another digital sin I’ve seen many websites commit is being outdated. Have you ever started doing research on some company’s website only to find their blog hasn’t had a new post

since January 2015? It immediately makes me doubt the quality of the rest of the website. Is anyone on their team-member page even still at the company? My goal with is to keep it updated as well as reliable. If you’re on our website, you know you’re getting the best information. Speaking of staying updated, the website includes a full "About Us" section featuring every member of our team. It’s basically a way for people to get to know us a little more and a resource to help homebuyers. Next time you’re scrolling aimlessly through Facebook, I invite you to escape your cousin’s political rants and check out It has some pretty cool stuff. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Shout out to Ashleigh Newcomb for willing this website to completion.

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P.S. If you happen to be reading this edition of “Letters From the Hart” digitally on our website, then thanks for visiting!

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