To Your Health

“To Your Health!”

Corporate Training for the health care industry that won’t leave you feeling ill.

What’s So Funny about Health Care? b b Absolutely Nothing . We understand people’s lives are at stake, and we’re here to help! Healthcare delivery systems rely on seamless teamwork. The world’s top facilities know that investing in their teams is a priority. Research shows that teams functioning at their highest is correlated with improved staff satisfaction, reduced burnout, and improved patient outcomes. Our Improv For Healthcare Workers workshops will develop your team’s improv skills that have direct application to real life scenarios back on the unit... and have fun doing it! Whether you want to bond a newly merged unit, improve communication skills on an established team, or even work through a unique challenge facing your department - we have a workshop for you...

Specific Programs for a Specific Industry

Your industry is unique, with challenges and regulations that require custom solutions, which is why we’ve partnered with seasoned professionals to develop training programs that we know will have a lasting effect, long after the facilitator goes home. Program Examples Include: • Improv Workshops for Small Teams • Improv Workshops for Large Teams (multiple instructors) • Improv Workshops with Role Play customized for your team’s goals • Humor and Healthcare Educational Inservices • Combination of an Educational Inservice with mini-Improv Workshop • Keynote Addresses for Nursing Schools or Grad Programs

Need CEUs? Ask us about attaching CEUs to the service of your choice!

Misch Whitaker, Lead Facilitator Michelle Whitaker BSN, RN, CARN has been a nurse at Boston Healthcare For The Homeless since 2007. A certified addictions nurse, her current work focuses around harm reduction and overdose prevention in the setting of the opiate epidemic. In addition to her nursing work,

Michelle, who goes by “Misch,” on stage is also an accomplished director and performer, having spent over five years in resident casts at Improv Asylum. Michelle believes deeply in the power of humor to heal and the power of improv to innovate teamwork. Her unique

combination of experience makes her an ideal facilitator for workshops and classes geared towards healthcare providers looking to improve patient outcomes through applied improv techniques.

Why Improv Training? Improv skills are all about knowing how to build on an idea put forward by a team member to move an idea forward. And that’s exactly what most leaders are trying to foster in the workplace. Listening, collaboration and momentum.  Learning how to think on your feet starts with knowing how to listen, and our innovative, tested and impactful approach to interactive training employs a whole slew of techniques that foster active listening. Ideas move forward instead of being shot down or restated over and over again

because nobody is picking up on a concept. Keeping a thread alive on- stage is no different from developing strategy or pursuing innovation.  So, let us help. Our Corporate Training Program brings the art of improv to your world in a way that makes learning to listen, collaborate and create both engaging and fun. Picking up a few improv skills will help your team members work together more effectively, bolster their confidence, and help them process complex information quickly. It’s a new approach to an age-old problem – and it works.  We can’t teach your people to be funny, but we can help them develop the skills that have made us able to think on our feet, collaborate on a project, refine ideas and produce effective results.

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Let’s create your own Innovative Experience!

“Nobody knows anything. The longer my career continues, the more I am certain of this. People think they know shit. They have ideas about things. They have thoughts and theories, hypotheses, and past studies. Yet the more things I do and the longer I do them, I have come to discover that most everybody is making shit up on the fly. And that is a good thing. No longer do you have to feel that creating something is the domain of chosen virtuososwhohave either been tappedby thegods or spent all of their time studying in their chosen field with the most eminent teachers available to them. If you have access to either of those things, then good for you. For the rest of us, sucking is the first step to greatness. Or at least mediocrity. Mediocrity leads to proficiency, proficiency leads to mastery, and mastery leads to excellence. It is heartening to know that the best of the best sucked at one point.” If you're looking for motivation, here's Norm's pep talk: This is Improv Asylum Co-Founder and CEO Norm Laviolette’s magnum opus. It contains the best advice he could come up with after 20+ years in the business, but it won’t teach you how to become an improv star. Instead, Norm demonstrates how the skills of improv can be used in business to build teams, move ideas forward and achieve innovative results. Become an Unstoppable Powerhouse 216 HANOVER ST | BOSTON | 617.263.6887

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