Newsletter - Oct 2018

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SOCC Members,

As you know, our “Discover Seven Oaks” membership initiative started in September and we are pleased to welcome the following 29 new families to SOCC! We appreciate all our members who have reached out to friends and family and sponsored a new member (and in some cases, two!). Don’t forget all current members can earn monthly credits for two years when you successfully sponsor a new member.

Seven Oaks Country Club is a private, family-centered club. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service, outstanding golf, recreation, dining and a welcoming social environment for our members and their guests.

Our New Members

Steven & Traci Anderson

Marie & Ward Fisher

Denise & Doc Skracic

Alphonso & Sarai Valencia

Johnny & Elsy Baklini

Marcus & Misty Haverstock Richard & Shelly Sottile

Edward & April Vitson

Matthew & Angela Barton Rosibel Hurst

Vikki Strong & Joseph Kennedy

Grant & Brande Wade

Jason & Kathy Castle

Ross & Denise Johnson

Johnathan & Karen Tammela

Andrew & Ilona Wake

William Scott Craig

Doug & Angie Landon

Kurt & Alisha Thompson

Stephanie & Chad Walsh

Lee & Amy Desender

Todd & Michelle Lee

Travis Thurman

Timothy & Marci Whisler

Timothy & Heather Dobbs Kelly & Lisa Olson

Peggy & Jerrold Turner

Stan & Olivia Yang

Welcome to the Club !!!

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