Kinect: Say Goodbye To Neck Pain

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“We Can Help You Look Up To A Pain Free Life. ” SAY GOODBYE TO NECK PAIN

The neck is extremely important in the overall posture of the body. Where theheadandneckmove,sodoes the restof thebody.Changes in the alignment of your neck can cause a variety of symptoms such as neck tension, headaches, migraines and even radiating pain or numbness to the arms and hands. Align your spine One of the most important things you can do is to improve your neck alignment.Beconsciousofhowyousitandstand throughout theday, keeping your head tall. This naturally pulls your spine into alignment. Hands on relief One of the best ways to relieve the tightness in your neck muscles is with specialized gentle hands on therapy. Our physical therapists are experts in alleviating tight muscles and restoring normal neck joint motion. If you are suffering with neck pain, shoulder pain, or headaches, call us today and speak to one of our experts. Your neck will thank you. Improve your upper neck motion Theupperneckaccounts forover60%of the totalmotion in theneck. It is also the area where many of the powerful shoulder muscles attach. Therefore, it is an area that becomes very tight. A simple exercise you can do to improve your neck motion, is the chin tuck. Simply stand or sit tall, then gently tuck your chin down until you feel a slight pressure or pull in the upper neck. Be careful to do this gently and talk to one of our therapists if you are unsure of performing this exercise correctly.

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