Advanced Prosthetics & Orthotics - September 2020


In the Treasure Valley

While September is technically the last month of summer, it’s also the first month of autumn. That means that this month, we’re in the clear to get into some of the great fall activities the Treasure Valley has to offer. Though the coronavirus has led to some unfortunate cancellations, those of us in the Boise area still know plenty of ways to kick off autumn.


First Thursdays

While this isn’t technically a fall activity, since it runs all year round, visiting Downtown Boise on the first Thursday of every month is still a local event worthy of mention here — only because now it will be a little bit cooler! First Thursdays are days each month where local businesses in the downtown area really get to shine, planning fun events like food and beverage tastings, as well as local art exhibits and trunk shows. Go check out all that downtown has to offer.

How to Cope With Daily Triggers

Scenic Viewpoints to See the Changing Leaves

Stress can cause more than just a bad mood and low energy. Over time, mental exhaustion from stress can lead to forgetfulness and reduced cognition. This can hamper your ability to do your job and enjoy life. Though stress is unavoidable, there are steps you can take to mitigate some of the negative effects of mental exhaustion, including forgetfulness. First, consider the source of your stress. These days, a common stressor is social media. If your feeds are full of bad news and negativity, shut them down. Many researchers suggest that spending less time on the internet leads to better health. Several studies have found that constant internet use, including time spent on social media, is negatively impacting our memories. Research from Harvard, Oxford, King’s College London, and Western Sydney University all confirm this: Too much internet use is a bad thing. Of course, it can be easier to delete a social media app than it is to eliminate other types of stressors. Coping with a stressful coworker, for example, can be difficult. You have to figure out why they’re causing you stress and how the situation can be remedied. Dealing with a work-related confrontation can be hard, but having that difficult conversation and resolving the problem can ultimately lead to less long-term stress and improve your mental health. Another thing you can do to reduce stress is avoid multitasking. Taking on multiple projects or doing too much in too little time can leave you feeling overworked. Plus, studies have found that multitasking is not effective. You cannot deliver the same results when your attention is scattered as you can when you are focused on one thing. To make matters worse, multitasking takes a major toll on memory and cognition, according to a study from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. If stress is impairing your memory, judgment, or cognition, take the above steps to reduce it. If you find your memory and cognition aren’t improving, consider speaking with a mental health professional to discuss your best next steps. Mental health and stress management are important, and the more we do to improve these areas of our lives, the healthier and happier we will be.

If viewing all the fall fun from a distance is more your speed, one great activity is to see the leaves changing color from a higher vantage point. Drive or hike to one of the several great viewpoints and take in all the fall colors of the valley at once. The crisp autumn air and the breathtaking scenery from Camel’s Back Park, Table Rock, or any other viewpoint is well worth the visit.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Most pumpkin patches don’t open until the first of October, but a few do open their doors a little early. The Farmstead Corn Maze & Pumpkin Festival in Meridian along Eagle Road has opened in late September in previous years, and the Linder Farms Pumpkin Patch opens on Sept. 18. What better way to start the fall season than by choosing the perfect pumpkin to carve up into a jack-o’-lantern or include in a scrumptious fall meal? This fall doesn’t have to be uneventful, even with the pandemic still preventing events from happening. We hope you and your family are able to find ways to make this autumn season more enjoyable!


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