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Silencing your phone during dinner, a party, or quality time with family is the polite thing to do. During National Cellphone Courtesy Month, it’s a good idea to reexamine cellphone etiquette and discover a few ways you can be more courteous to others. Keep It Quiet Whenever you find yourself in a place of worship, talking with others, or enjoying an event, silencing your cellphone is the most courteous thing you can do. A phone that is frequently ringing can be distracting for you and those around you. If you’re expecting an important call you don’t want to miss, turn on vibrate mode. Stop Checking Don’t continuously glance at your phone during meetings, dinner dates, or any time you’re with others. This action shows your disinterest in what

they’re saying and in what’s going on around you. Keeping your phone in your back pocket, in your purse, at your desk, or in your car will help you focus on what’s in front of you. Practice Self-Awareness If you receive a call while in public, be aware of the volume of your phone and voice. Move yourself to a less crowded area to speak freely, especially if you know the conversation might get heated. When you take a call, it’s good practice to leave some space between you and others. You don’t want to distract anyone with raised voices or gestures while you’re on your call. Politely Excuse Yourself If you must take a call, answer a text, or send an email, be sure to excuse yourself from the people around you and check your phone in a more private area. Simply saying, “I’m sorry, but I need to take this.

I’ll be back in a few minutes,” gives everyone a sense of what’s going on while remaining respectful.

By following these four tips, you’ll be prepared for the next time you’re on a date, in a business meeting, or watching a movie in a sold-out theater.

Celebrating 40 Years Julie Davis Celebrates 40 YearsWith FSTN Law Firm

Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin has so many wonderful employees that we love and value. We couldn’t do what we do for our clients if it weren’t for each and every one of our employees. This month, we celebrate one employee in particular, Julie Davis. Julie started working with partner Dennis Stark on June 4, 1979. She later joined Fleschner Law Firm with Dennis and has been part of the FSTN family ever since. This month, we celebrate Julie’s 40 years of service and all that she contributes to the law firm. When we think of an exemplary employee, we can’t help but think of Julie. She has received several awards for Employee of the Month over the years and continues to be a most valued employee. She has contributed more than just her time; she has contributed her heart to the law firm. Teresa Speros stated, “Julie is a friend to all and always takes time to listen to anyone that stops by her desk, and yet she is meticulous about her work! She keeps track of Dennis and is always cheerful!” We are eternally grateful for her service and dedication. Thank you, Julie, for everything you have done for the firm. We are so lucky to have you, and we are a better law firm because of you.

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