BENEFITS OFTHE LOSS PREVENTION MINDSET After walking through the above examples, you should have an easier time get- ting into a loss prevention mindset. Take a few minutes to think about a specific property and how you would protect it from physical damage and keep prospec- tive tenants injury-free. A loss prevention mindset will bring you residual returns well into the future if you continue to practice it. • 890,000 people, Robinson said there’s a lot of rede- velopment going on that is improving property values, infrastructure and its over- all sense of community. “More and more in- vestors are looking for properties off the grid. I do get those from time to time from wholesalers trying to sell off-market proper- ties,” she said. According to Robinson, the county has reserved funds for investors to buy homes to flip and to help potential buyers. > Continued from :: PG 59 Maryland Still AnAttractive Place to Invest Home to more than

> Continued from :: PG 13 From Serving America to

shut down by the SEC as Ponzi schemes and worse, and investors have lost their money. Buy notes only where you get the full assign-

seeking not only to serve their nation but own a little piece of it as well. For those who, like Steve and Andy, seek to become master and commander of their own financial destiny, there is no better path than to rally up with the veterans who have gone before you. With discipline, resolve and a little guidance, you too can buy America and return home like Steve owning a piece of the nation you fought to protect. • Flipping Houses, Become a House Flipper's Buyer with multiple house flip- pers. Why? This creates a flow of opportunities and properties for your consideration. The more you can have presented to you on an ongoing basis, the better able you will be to hand-select the best deals. As a long- term strategy, you should be able to place orders for properties that will meet your rental prop- erty needs, specifying a price range, local market, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc. This helps the house flippers narrow their focus even more, search deals and deter- mine their budgets for renovation with appropri- ate timelines to deliver exactly what you need. How do I know this works? Because I implement this strategy in the southeast USA all the time for single-family and multifamily apartment > Continued from :: PG 35 Instead of

PRO TIPS: Plan out the different aspects of your brand, property and community that would be ideal to capture with stories, another unique tool to that works on both Instagram and Facebook. It can be used as another inter- active way to showcase community events, daily life, stories of residents, stories of staff mem- bers, and more - the sky is the limit! Use these tips to give you inspiration to differ- entiate your brand and utilize social media as a powerful marketing tool to take you to the next level and beyond! •

complex opportunities. Why not let others take the short-term risk and become your suppliers? You reach your goal to build your

people to qualify for those homes. It helps with the turnaround and recouping the money as quickly as possible without sitting on it forever.” A total of 278 homes were flipped in Prince George’s County during the third quarter of 2018, ac- counting for 10.7 percent of all home sales in the county and 1 percent above the number of flips reported for the same quarter in 2017. Investors who flipped homes during the quarter saw a gross return on in- vestment of 69.3 percent.

Approximately two thirds of the flipped properties were purchased with cash at a median purchase price of $171,250, accord- ing to ATTOM. One in every 68 properties in Prince George’s County had county end- ed 2018 with a median sales price of $270,000, a 6 percent increase from 2017. “There’s really been a whole lot of improvement in every aspect of real estate. Overall I think it’s a win-win for everybody,” she said. • a foreclo- sure filing in 2018. The

Owning a Piece of It

military transition. Howev- er, Steve’s real estate ven- tures are just getting ready to open up a new chapter thanks to an opportunity to rally up with his fellow veterans crushing it in the real estate market. In 2018, Steve reached out to real estate superstar and Marine veteran Andy Williams of Recon Real- ty. Andy bought his first property while in Bagh- dad and currently holds a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio along with appearing on “HGTV’s Flip or Flop Fort Worth.” Steve’s path to owning a piece of America was congruent with Andy’s call to action for veterans to buy America. Having breached Realty have the opportunity to introduce Steve and veterans like him to billions of dollars of capital and influential relationships that can open the doors of America. Everyone’s path to financial freedom and real estate success is different and they reach their respective summits in different ways. Veterans Buy America exists to serve as a rally point to fellow veterans his way into some of the wealthiest board rooms in America, Andy and Recon

ment and the seller has nothing

portfolio and fund a lifestyle you’ve always wanted. •

more to do with them.

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value of a note depends ultimately on the economic conditions that support the value of the property. By keeping these things in mind when investing and looking at real estate notes, you can proactively mitigate your risk and make more sound invest- ment decisions. • > Continued from :: PG 41 Five Marketing Tips from Instagram's Top Accounts Tap into the power of Stories to provide video and live action. If you’re posting pre- mium, high-quality shots on your feed, consider letting followers get up close and personal with Instagram or Facebook stories. Home and neigh- borhood listing website Trulia (@Trulia) does this by showcasing videos of highlighted neighbor- hoods, unfiltered snaps and videos from commu- nity members as well as photos and stories of the individuals who live in these neighborhoods. NO. 5

> Continued from :: PG 37 What Makes A Good Real Estate Note?

NO. 13 If you’re a consid- ering a note with a balloon, assume it will not pay off and calculate your offer accordingly. A note in first-lien position is more valuable than one in second posi- tion. Third-lien notes are worth very little. A second-lien note with a large balance first lien (three times or more of the second lien balance) is risky. In case of foreclosure, the investor in the second lien would, at best, have to make the payments on the first. At worst, the investor would either have to pay off the first lien or be wiped out. So-called "prime bank notes," "prime bank guarantees" and similar- ly-titled "investments" are scams. Bank letters of credit exist, but they are not assignable. NO. 14 NO. 15 NO. 16

> Continued from :: PG 55 Managing Property and Liability RisksWhen Renters Move locks, are considered wear-and-tear is not


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covered, which is why you collect a security deposit. It is also important for your tenants to carry rent- ers' insurance. Not only does it protect them from theft, it protects you from accidental damage they may cause, such as a cooking fire.

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Your agent should be happy to explain your coverages, so don't hesitate to ask questions.


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