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I have been attending services and experiences at Impact for a few years, back to when it was at Brown Middle School. Just kind of off and on, and ...


More consistently in the last year, year and a half.

Tess: Me and my husband, this is the only church that we’ve ever gone to as a couple. So it’s special to us in that way. And I have the privilege of working on a project with the staff there. So had a little bit of behind the scenes experience as well. So, I would definitely say back to 2012 is where my experience started with the church. And adding to, for me it’s just the brand really represents welcomeness and progressiveness. And that’s probably the two words that came to my mind and my husband’s mind. We both kinda talked about, we filled out the survey yesterday. It’s one of those churches that if you miss a fewweeks or a couple of months, you don’t feel uncomfortable coming back. It’s like you never missed a beat and then all the opportunities to stay connected through the online, and the app and all that. I’ve taken advantage of those options. So the brand really represents welcomeness and progressiveness so those are [inaudible 00:09:44] add to what she already said. Well, it’s been easy because that’s how I came to Impact was a conversation with a friend. And again, I used to, I started out going to the Brown Middle School location, I live right around the corner from it. And I moved to Atlanta in 2010, and went to a couple different churches and my friend was like, “Oh, you need to try out Impact it’s right around the corner from you.” So I was like, “Cool.” So I went, had a good experience, but I just didn’t go a lot, I wasn’t consistently going. And then my mom actually moved here in 2012 and she started going and so I was like, “Oh yeah, I’ve been to that church.” So, every time I’ve ever gone back it’s been a word of mouth type thing. Then when they had the grand opening on Sylvan, one of my friends actually was part of the design team for the church, so I was intrigued by that. And I went to, I believe we went to the very first day when they opened on Sylvan. And it was just a cool experience. It really felt like a big time, major Atlanta event to go. And then me and my mom went consistently on holidays and if we were going to church, we went to Impact basically. And then my husband met about two and a half years ago, and I invited him to come. He was fairly new to Atlanta, we weren’t husband and wife then, and that was the first church we ever attended together. And it’s the only church we’ve ever attended together. So that’s kind of been my experience on how I’ve gotten there. And then more and more friends that I know that go there. I think the social media aspect and friendliness of the church makes it really, you’ll see people checking in and talking about the services and streaming little snippets. So if you didn’t go that week, you’re like, “Oh dang I missed the sermon or whatever.” And then I’ve definitely shared sermons with folks that I thought were really powerful, and invited people to come. I’ve definitely had a lot of friends who have just come with me and it’s one of those churches ... I mean I grew up traditional Baptist churches, so I remember how it was growing up where you pick and choose who you would invite to church because you didn’t know if you could handle the five hour service and the everybody stand up and introduce yourself. And I’ve never had any qualms, I’ve even had friends who are not religious, that I feel completely comfortable inviting them to come and share. Tess: Tess:


It’s a easy invite, because you’re gonna get a positive ... I always think like it’s a great motivational, like get your week started off right. So.

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