171217 Impact Report R2


I’ll start on that one. That was really tough question for me to answer on the survey, because I couldn’t really think of anything and then you go back and say well is the church perfect? Well no it’s not perfect but I couldn’t think of ... the only thing, and I was kind of jokingly, but I miss being to hear like a choir every once in a while, but that wouldn’t like ... if I were to get that feeling, I just throw on some of my old CDs, listen to the choir. But that’s just, that’s one of the things that makes Impact what it is, it’s not the traditional. It doesn’t have a lot of the traditional church aspects but I think that’s what’s appealing about the church for some folk. But I couldn’t of anything. I guess as an African American it’s a comfortable place for me to go, I don’t know how someone that wasn’t African American would feel, because it is a predominately black church. So to me that’s not a negative, but if the goal of the church is to be welcoming to all races and ethnicities and then, that I guess could a factor if it weren’t ... yeah. Yeah, I haven’t had ... I would say either I wasn’t ... I didn’t follow up with them might be a reason why they didn’t come. Or just schedule-wise it didn’t work out for them because they weren’t in town, not like, like she said either it’s four services so really got to try not to come (laughs). Just the schedule. Or you know one thing I hear is that and I’m into running and fitness and stuff, and I hear it all the time with people, “Well, I just gotta get in shape to feel comfortable to come to work out.” I’ve actually heard people say, I gotta get right before I feel comfortable to go to church, which is never made any sense to me, but I have heard before.


Speaker 1: Okay, that’s definitely [crosstalk 00:24:34] Tess:

Which is where you’re supposed to go, so you can get help.


But I don’t think that’s Impact’s thing, I think that’s just a church thing.

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