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Courtesy of Milan J. Torres, CFP ® , CRPC ® Financial Planner

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August 2017


The Power of Education


ith school about to be back in session, I’ve been thinking about the importance of education. As a financial

planner, I take pride in educating my clients on the strategies I think best suit their needs and desires. A plan is only as good as the explanation behind it, so I’m always happy to explain the reasoning behind my suggestions. However, that’s not the only educating I take part in over the course of the year. I’m happy to serve on the Certified Financial Planner ® (CFP) board at my alma mater, Cal State Fullerton. I feel really lucky to have attended a university that offered a financial planning concentration, and it spurred me down the path I’m on today. I love being able to mentor students and provide whatever feedback I can on the curriculum. Our program, one of only a handful of its kind in the state, was recently awarded a 2017 TD Ameritrade Institutional NextGen Grant. This grant will help us improve the program even more during the coming years, and everyone on the board was so excited to receive it. When I arrived at college, I didn’t yet know I would end up falling in love with finance. Not many kids, after all, grow up with dreams of becoming a financial planner. If there’s a fiduciary equivalent of LeBron James, I’ve never heard of him. After getting a job at one of the

largest mutual fund companies in the country, however, I knew I wanted to spend my career helping people manage their money. I learned a lot at that job, including that I wanted to do something more personal than working for a giant company where client interaction could be described as minimal, at best. Even after opening my own office, I’m still learning things to this day. Not only do I have to stay abreast of market trends, I also have to learn about the best possible ways to serve my clients. I set out on my own because I wanted to be personally invested in each and every client who walks through my door, and that means never being satisfied with the level of service I offer them. Financial planning isn’t just a job for

me — it’s my passion. That might sound strange to some people, but you can’t really pick your calling. More often than not, it picks you. I am as eager to keep learning as I am to guide the next generation of financial planners. Honestly, I hope to never reach a point where I feel satisfied with the knowledge and expertise I’ve acquired. In a field as complicated as finance, I don’t doubt there will always be avenues for me to explore with the goal of making my services just a little bit better. If you’re sending kids or grandchildren off to college soon, I hope they approach their field of study with the same passion and enthusiasm. – Milan Torres | 1

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