The organization Tricentris honoured Grenville Mayor Ronald Tittlit recently for his years of service on the board of direc- tors. “Ronald Tittlit has been an administrator here at Tricentris since the very beginning in 1997,” said Tricentris Vice-President Mi- Veteran politician Tittlit honoured by Tricentris chel Daniel.“First as secretary-treasurer, he would hold that job for five years before becoming president of the board in 2002. Last April, he stepped down as president after managing and leading more than 100 board meetings. He was always in favour of consensus in harmony to bring Tricentris and its projects to a whole new level. He was in charge during the perilous 2008 cost crisis, a time when our revenues were at their lowest. But he guided us through the rough times and also during our greatest accomplishments.” 1997-1998. The Lachute centre started processing recyclable materials in June of 1998. “Under his guidance, we went from 44 municipalities to 125 municipalities, thus making Tricentris the largest recy- cling organization in the province,” said Michel Daniel. “We now serve more than 1.5 million citizens. He fought for a type of management and planning based on in- novation that would reflect Tricentris’ core mission and values. Our success, we owe it to you, Ronald.” one big family that cares for every sector,” said Potvin at the inauguration of the bio- diversity garden.“We did and accomplished so much together, but I might not have thanked you enough for it. You were always there for me and you gave me the chance to prove myself. Also, thanks for helping me on the golf course! All jokes aside, thanks for believing in me and in Tricentris.” Ronald Tittlit was obviously moved by his colleagues’ speeches and thanked every- body for their kind word and spirit.

“Together, we always came up with the right way of doing things,” said Tittlit. “It wasn’t always easy, but we did it nonethe- less. I am proud of what we accomplished here at the sorting centre and I see a bright future where innovation will once again serve our communities and bring us to- gether for a common goal. Again, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.”

In 1996 the Corporation’s Regional Centre tri - CFER, which included 44 mu- nicipalities at the time in addition to the Long Sault school board and RIADM, put its vision of “solving problems of recycla- ble materials while promoting regional economic activity” to work. The first sort- ing centre was built during the winter of

It with emotion that director general Frédéric Potvin talked about his friend and colleague with whomhe brought cut- ting-edge technologies to the table while finding real-world applications for them. “During all these years, you always worked for the well-being of our employ- ees and you truly molded Tricentris into


Ronald Tittlit Province acts to upgrade homes: Crack HAWKESBURY | Ontario is taking steps to ensure residents of retirement and long- term care homes in Glengarry-Prescott- Russell are safe during fire emergencies, says Liberal M.P.P. Grant Crack. “The government is committed to ensur- ing that more retirement and long-term care homes in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell are equipped with sprinklers,” says Crack. Premier Dalton McGuinty has met with members of the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs to discuss sprinklers and other ways to ensure fire safety. In April, Ontario created a technical advisory committee that will make recommendations on a multi-pronged strategy for fire safety that includes installation of sprinklers in retire- ment homes, long-term care facilities and homes housing vulnerable individuals, along with other measures such as train- ing, inspections and automatic door clos- ers. May 25, fire claimed the lives of two residents at the private Place Mont-Roc residence in Hawkesbury. Under Ontario law, the facility, which was built in the 1980s and passed a Hawkes- bury Fire Department inspection in March, was not required to have a sprinkler sys- tem. It is not clear whether sprinklers would have saved the lives of the couple who died after the fire broke out on the third floor of the building, O ntario Fire Marshal’s Office investigators have said. Since that tragedy, the government has expedited the study process to make sure the technical committee delivers its initial recommendations in the fall and has com- mitted to making sure more retirement and long-term care homes across the prov- ince are equipped with sprinklers.

Michel Quesnel est fier de passer la flambeau à Kevin Assaly comme nouveau propriétaire . Kevin est très connu dans le domaine automobile. C’est avec beaucoup de plaisir qu’il invite la population et futurs clients à venir le rencontrer pour l’achat de votre prochain véhicule récréatif!


2004 CAN - AM ATV 400

2010 POLARIS RZR 8005

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$ 4,800 1RZ Was $5,995

$ 12,500 1RZ Was $13,995

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