Centraide-United Way aims for $350,000 By Martin Brunette

ger projects, he added. The 2011 drive was a big success, rais- ing $254,000, surpassing its objective by $39,000. Some 16 community groups benefited from contributions from the agency last year. Every dollar provided by the UnitedWay has a big impact on community organiza- tions, said Judith Parisien, director of Le Phénix, a handicapped persons’ advocacy group that was among last year’s recipi- ents. A revamped website, www.unitedway- , can be consulted for more informa- tion. Since it was founded 14 years ago, Cen- traide-United Way Prescott-Russell has distributed more than $2 million for com- munity projects.

scheduled to wrap up in December. In the coming months, the organiza- tion will be striving to raise its profile in the community, said campaign president,

Casselman Mayor Claude Levac, during the recent launch of the campaign. As it reaches more businesses and individuals, the UnitedWay envisages supporting big-

Centraide-United Way of Prescott-Rus- sell is aiming to collect $350,000 in its current fund-raising campaign which is

Smoke alarm program

smoke alarms and know what to do when they sound,” said Fire Chief Dominic Côté. “A working smoke alarm will give you the early warning you need for everyone to get out safely.” For more information, visit www.alfred- or call 613-673-4797. During the month of October, Alfred- Plantagenet fire fighters will be conduct- ing door-to-door checks of smoke alarms in residences on week nights and to provide citizens with fire prevention and safety in- formation.

ALFRED | The Alfred-Plantagenet Fire Department’s annual Smoke Alarm Pro- gram is being carried out throughout October. “Most fatal fires occur at night when everyone is asleep, so that is why it is important for everyone to have working New fire gear GRENVILLE-SUR-LA-ROUGE | The fire department in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge will soon be better equipped to fight fires and carry out water rescues. The department is acquiring a thermal camera, which detects heat, and a craft that will be used in escues in water and on ice. Six fire fighters will be trained in the use of the rescue craft, explains Fire Chief Marc Montpetit. The cost of the camera, worth about $10,000, and rescue equipment, which includes protective suits, is about $18,000. Half of the cost will be covered by the Québec government. The thermal camera improves safety and facilitates fire- fighting. “The camera can tell you where the hot spots are in a building. It also picks up body heat so it is easier to find victims,” Montpetit says.

Photo Richard Mahoney

As a permanent salute to war veterans, the town of Hawkesbury has given a second name to Cartier Boulevard -- Veterans’ Promenade-Promenade des anciens combattants. The installation of standards near the cenotaph comes about a year after Councillor Alain Fraser suggested themunicipality name a street in honour of Canada’s armed forces personnel.

Coopérer pour créer l’avenir

Semaine de la coopération du 15 au 19 octobre 2012

Dans le cadre de la semaine de la coopération, participez au concours* de la Caisse populaire Nouvel-Horizon, et courez la chance de gagner un CRÉDIT VOYAGE DE 2 000 $ Pour participer au concours, vous devez répondre correctement aux questions suivantes : 1. Nommez deux différences entre une coopérative et une entreprise traditionnelle :

2. Nommez trois coopératives dans l’Est ontarien :

3. Pourquoi l’année 2012 est-elle importante pour l’ensemble des coopératives au niveau mondial?

Prénom et nom : _____________________________________________ Adresse : ___________________________________________________ # Téléphone : ________________________________________________ # folio : _____________________________________________________ Découpez ce coupon et apportez-le dans l’un des centres de services de la Caisse populaire Nouvel-Horizon (Casselman, Embrun, St-Albert, St-Isidore). Un cadeau vous sera remis en échange de votre coupon**. Le bulletin de participation devra être reçu en caisse au plus tard le jeudi 18 octobre 2012 à midi. Bonne chance! *Les règlements du concours sont disponibles en caisse. Le crédit voyage est échangeable seulement à

l’Agence de voyages Marlin Travel, au 810, rue Notre-Dame, Embrun. ** Un cadeau par membres participants. Jusqu’à épuisement des stocks.

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