Everyday and Christmas Brochure 2021

g e n e r a l

FP5027 Camper Van

FP5110 Rainbow Unicorn

FP6044 Little Unicorn

FP6238 Seahorse

FP7022 Koala Bears

FP6192 Sharks

FP6189 Bears

FP6190 Ducks

FP5167 Little Bunny

FP6194 Penguins

FP6193 Turtles

FP6191 Owls

FP8006 Kits!

FP8005 Pups!

FP5111 Panda

TREATMENTS Flittered Die-Cut Foiled

MESSAGE All cards are blank for your own message.


£2 each or £1.60 each for 10 or more of any design All prices are shown in sterling; for international prices, please see page 2.

127 x 127 mm 127 x 178 mm 152 x 152 mm 210 x 90 mm 214 x 159 mm

ENVELOPES High quality white 100gsm.

Embossed Debossed

All our cards are matt textured unless otherwise stated.


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