Everyday and Christmas Brochure 2021

o c c a s i o n s

FP5123 Thank You Teacher

FP5127 Lemon Tree (Thank You)

FP6093 Thank You

FP6087 The Thank You Tree

FP5136 Flowers and Little Birds (Thank You)

FP7074 Mixed Flowers (Thank You)

FP5138 Thanks a Bunch

FP5142 Thank You Floral

FP5152 Little Bird (Thank You)

FP5021 Hare (Thank You)

FP6214 Just Wanted to Say Thank You

nicola - derbyshire

My mum had a card shop when I was little so I’ve always known the importance of a lovely card and how happy receiving one can make you feel. I joined Flamingo Paperie after meeting the wonderful Carol. She had a pop-up shop for me in my garden and all my friends loved the products, so I was easily persuaded to join the business. That was 18 months ago! In January 2020, I attended the area sales conference in Huddersfield and came out inspired! I loved all the new products and the people I met! I decided there and then that I wanted to achieve the 2020 Challenge. With lots of encouragement from both Carol and our team leader, Kate, I achieved it. In the first 6 months, I planned to become a Senior Partner. Luckily, my dad, his neighbour and my best friend were persuaded to join me. I love meeting new people and by delivering catalogues, I was able to get to know many of my neighbours. The feeling of helping our community during lockdown was fabulous but also humbling.

My next goal was to achieve Executive Partner which I

planned to do in a year. It was very tough, but I find having a goal, motivational. My team are inspiring, and they have helped me so much to achieve what I set out to do. I was thrilled to receive Executive Partner status last month. My plan now is to find the time to help my team achieve their very best with their Flamingo Paperie business, and to continue to introduce new members. I also want to ensure that all my customers feel that they are getting a great service and that my social media posts make them smile!

Flamingo has given me wings.


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