Everyday and Christmas Brochure 2021

c r a f t p r o d u c t s

floral paper craft kits Come together in a group or just relax on your own as you spend a day, or two, creating something truly stunning that will last for years. Decorative paper flower making is part of a newly revived crafting tradition – blooming marvellous!

FKC002 Roses (makes 6 flower heads) - £15

contents Fine Italian crepe paper, templates, high adhesion craft glue, sticks for glue application, scissors,wire for stems

FKC005 Large Peonies (makes 6 flower heads) - £17

FKC004 White Roses (makes 15 blooms / 5 x 3 clusters of white roses) (with leaves) - £20

FKC003 Icelandic Poppies (makes 15 flowers / 3 x 5 assorted colours) - £20


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