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“Best life choice I made coming to Elite Physical Therapy.”

“Their dedication, compassion and outstanding Physical Therapy services will become evident to those who receive their services. They are locally owned and are committed to improving not only the health of patients but also the quality of life for those who live in the community.” • Dr. John Solomon • Dr. Libarid Kassabian • Dr. Sarah Forsythe • Dr. John Chece 594 Great Road • North Smithfield, RI 02896 401-768-3400 Is your office interested in being featured in our upcoming newsletter? Featured Doctor’s Office: No “I was in a car accident on 6/8/17. I was hit by drunk driver at a 40 mph impact. Among numerous injuries, I had significant hip pain where I wasn’t able to sit, stand, or lay down for more than 20 minutes at a time without pain. I had an MRI done and found out that I had torn my labrum in my right hip when my knee smashed into the dashboard of the car upon impact because the airbag on my side malfunctioned. I was then referred to a hip specialist who informed me that I had hip dysplasia on top of the tear. I was told that my only option was hip reconstruction surgery. I’ve been very active my entire life and never had hip pain and I played volleyball, track, football, cheerleading, and many other sports. I asked if Physical Therapy would help but he had little hope that I would make a difference because of the pre-existing hip issue. I came to Elite because I’ve heard nothing but good things! After 6 of the 8 weeks of Physical Therapy, I returned to my doctor without pain in my hip with full range of motion. He was so impressed that he changed his mind about surgery and cleared me to start training for the state police academy. Best life choice I made coming to Elite Physical Therapy. Staff was amazing and genuinely cared!” - S.P.


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