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“…Learn to do good, make justice your aim: redress the wronged, hear the orphan’s plea, defend the widow…” Isaiah 1:17 On January 17, 2018, my son Will and I will board buses along with about 130 of his high school classmates and head to Washington D.C. for the March for Life. Why do we (along with hundreds of thousands of others) travel hundreds of miles on buses from all over the country in the middle of winter? Because it’s the right thing to do. Let me fill you in on my upbringing. My folks had 10 kids. As child number 9, I am thankful, in fact exhilarated, that my mother and father wanted me around even though my parents’ yearly income at the time was probably about $15,000. After I was born, my parents and family had the honor and privilege of feeding me, carrying me, changing me, and taking care of me 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Then, the real test began. When I became a teenager, my parents really had a handful with me. Thank you to my mom and dad and siblings for putting up with me. I believe human beings deserve legal protection from the time we are really small until the time we die naturally of old age. As a child, I was utterly dependent on my family to take care of me. When I get old, I will once again be dependent on the grace of another human being to care for me. These are facts for everyone, rich and poor, men and women, all races, and all religions. This is a fact for my 96-year-old father who lives with my sister Mary Jo and for my terrific siblings who are constantly sharing Dad’s life journey with him.

more about right and wrong from our actions. I confess to being a continuing work in progress as a husband and a father. Just like when I was a high schooler, I constantly need reminders of right and wrong. I continually fall down on the job. However, I firmly believe that each and every human being has something to contribute. America only works when all of us are involved in supporting, empowering and standing up for each other, especially the most vulnerable. At the beginning of each year, when I see hundreds of thousands of young people traveling to our nation’s capital to stand up for their brothers and sisters, it makes me proud of this great country and hopeful for a greater and more compassionate future for our children. In our work here at the firm, we represent people who are extremely vulnerable: the permanently disabled, kids with cerebral palsy, children who have lost a parent, parents who have lost children, and mesothelioma victims. Each and every one of these people has intrinsic dignity. Each deserves our utmost respect. It is our mission to protect the vulnerable when they need us most. We renew our commitment in 2018 to zealously protect those who entrust us with their care. We begin that journey by standing up for the most vulnerable. We hope you have a terrific 2018.

–Joe Shannon

I am first and foremost in my life a husband and father. Our children listen to what we say. However, our children learn

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