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5 Lessons From Maine

What We Learned Hiking in New England

NO. 2: KEEP MOVING FORWARD. One of the best pieces of advice Ryan, our trip leader, provided was to maintain a steady pace. Rather than sprinting and stopping, he suggested we should simply focus on always moving forward. That was great advice. We didn’t get overeager at the start only to burn out by the finish. It’s the same with dental treatment. You have to do it all the time if you want success. Keeping regular appointments not only ensures you keep the warranties on your crowns and membership in our Whitening for Life program but also keeps your oral care moving forward. NO. 3: THE HARD STUFF’SWORTH IT IN THE END. I can’t say I enjoy carefully traversing down steep hills with walking sticks in hand to lessen the burden on my knees and my eyes affixed to the ground to avoid roots and rocks. The altitude did a number on us Florida flatlanders. Robin, who does CrossFit and is exceptionally fit, was even huffing and puffing. These moments are trying, but they’re an essential part of the journey. We can’t balk at difficulty or discomfort when we know the rewards are worth the trade-off. Ask anyone who’s had a complete smile transformation, and they’ll tell you that whatever inconveniences it entailed, their biggest regret is not having done it sooner. NO. 4: SOMETIMES, YOU JUST NEED A NEW PERSPECTIVE. I’ve eaten countless blueberries during my life and seen the Atlantic Ocean more times than I can count. But to do those things in an entirely new place made them feel completely new. When we see things from a new angle, it can be invigorating. A generation ago, most people thought of teeth as separate from the rest of the body. Now, of course, we know that’s not the case. Understanding how oral care is tied to overall health gives you a refreshed, emboldened sense of how important caring for your teeth is. NO. 5: A POSITIVE ATTITUDE CHANGES EVERYTHING. There were moments of adversity throughout the trip that could’ve turned our mood sour. I came down with a nasty cold, which nobody wants to experience on vacation. The Backroads van was rear-ended while the guides were running an errand. Thankfully, none of their clients were on board, as the damage was significant. It would’ve been easy for us to use these events as reasons to give up, but neither us nor the guides did so. I kept moving and didn’t let my cold stop me, and the guides found a van to use from the great people of Camden. When you’re approaching major dental work, having a positive attitude can make all the difference in the world.

Sometimes life happens so quickly that you don’t even take stock of what you’re missing. For the past two decades, our family has had the good fortune to take a number of great vacations, but they’ve always included at least one of our sons because outside of our Grand

Canyon trip, the other trips were linked to a lacrosse tournament. That’s no surprise because I believe Robin would agree that raising our sons has been the most important thing either of us will do. Nevertheless, we had a realization earlier this year that we hadn’t been on a couples vacation since our honeymoon. We decided to rectify that in a hurry. Picking a destination was easy. We’ve always talked about going to Maine, and this was the perfect chance to do so. After spending some time on our own in Portland, we met up with our Backroads trip leaders and group for our Camden to Acadia National Park Walking & Hiking Tour. We chose Backroads, as our oldest son has been employed by this company for two years, though he was not assigned to this trip. It was a wonderful experience, and much like our trip to the Grand Canyon last year, it gave me a chance to reflect on some of the lessons life has taught me over the years. The following five concepts, which were essential to our hiking trip, can be applied to our daily lives as well. NO. 1: YOU’RE ALWAYS STRONGER AS A TEAM. There were portions of the hike I would have been lost and challenged to do alone or even just with Robin. Thankfully, we had wonderful service from the guides at Backroads. They made us feel comfortable and educated us on what to expect. It was exactly the kind of service we strive to provide at our practice. Making patients feel welcome and instilling the sense that we’re all in this together is essential in providing exceptional care. Whether you’re planning a hiking route or course of dental treatment, it’s nice to know you’re in safe hands.

–Dr. David Yates

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