Soar Flipbook

SOAR gives student-athletes the ability to:

SOAR gives the student-athletes the perfect forum to overcome that stigma and to feel comfortable without outside pressure to sit down to write and talk about their feelings to share with other student-athletes who can easily relate to how you feel.

• Write, talk, and anonymously post their personal story about their thoughts and mental health issues to share with other student-athletes. • Scroll through a main timeline to read stories and posts shared by other anonymous student- athletes. This promotes a feeling of self-worthiness knowing that you are not alone in your struggles and that there are many others dealing with similar things. • Comment on posts from other student-athletes to relate with them and show your support for their issues and challenges. • Direct message other student-athlete users who are facing similar issues and circumstances in order to show support for them, talk with them about their feelings, or lend advice and share tips that helped you overcome similar issues in the past. Feeling comfortable talking about your issues is the first step in getting better. By having access to an anonymous

By providing a platform where the student-athlete’s identity can remain anonymous, they can feel comfort in knowing that they can share their story with others that are in very similar situations without revealing their identity. This anonymous function will promote more dialogue among student-athletes who are desperate to talk about their mental health challenges and will also give them the freedom to be more open and honest with their thoughts.

platform to share your story — without having to worry about what people may think of you — is the key to overcoming the current stigma in athletes and ultimately overcoming personal mental health struggles.



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