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A t Bob Jones College a well-balanced program o f su­ pervised athletics and intra-mural sports affords ev­ ery student an opportunity for physical development. ♦ COLLEGE EDUCATION SHOULD DEVELOP THE INTELLECT Bob Jones College students are taught by trained and scholarly professors not only to assim ilate facts but also to think logically and develop their reasoning powers. ♦ COLLEGE EDUCATION SHOULD DEVELOP INDIVIDUAL TALENTS

Bob Jone s Co llege specializes in person­ al attention— helping each student discover his p o s s i b i l i t i e s . It offers voice, piano, speech, violin, and pipe organ without additional cost. College Education Should Enrich Culture and Create Proper Social Contacts

College Education Should Develop Personality and Leadership A r e c e n t s u r v e y shows every graduate of the Bob Jones Col­ lege has a position and is successful in his chosen field. Stu ­ dents are trained to meet the emergencies o f life.

Bob Jones College students have an opportunity of hearing the finest musicians, lecturers, speak­ ers, etc., and en joy a carefully supervised, well- balanced social and recreational life. BUT

More important still B ob Jo n e s College stresses spiritual development, believing that intellectually as well as every other way there is no profit if a man gain the whole world and lose his own soul.’ Each school term opens with revival serv­ ices. Should a student spend a year at B ob Jo n e s College without com ing to know Christ as his personal Saviour whatever else he should learn, this institu­ tion should consider it had failed with that student. Write Dr, Bob Jones, Jr., Acting President, Bob Jones College, Cleveland, Tenn., for a catalogue and literature.

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