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ANGLING FOR MORE Memories of Fishing with Grandpa and My Son

Some of my favorite summertime memories as a kid include digging for bugs in the dirt, inhaling the musty smell of the creek, and feeling the radiating heat as I stared at my bobber, praying to see it dip below the surface. And I was lucky enough to share all these memories with my grandpa. While I was growing up, my family lived pretty close to my grandparents, which meant adventure and fun were just minutes away. There was nothing more exciting than loading up our tackle boxes and poles and venturing out to Fishkill Creek with Grandpa. He taught us how to fish when we were just little kids, and each trip out to the creek was as exciting as the last. We would have to dig in the dirt to find our worms, and when we finally had a good pot, Grandpa would teach us how to bait the hook, where to cast, and the value of patience as we waited for the big catch. Of course, part of fishing with Grandpa also involved listening to his many stories. Grandpa worked on the subway system in New York City for years, and it was in his nature to pick up stories and make other people laugh. There really was no better way to spend the day. Taking a cue from my grandpa, I taught my son Nick how to fish. Behind our house, there’s actually a wonderful pond where you’re guaranteed to catch something, and we primarily catch bass there. It’s always exhilarating to feel that tug on the end of your line, knowing you have something hooked. There’s an eager anticipation of wondering what’s waiting on the other end of the hook as you reel in your catch. We don’t keep the fish, releasing them back into the wild, but the thrill of catching something after patiently waiting will never dull. Of course, throughout the years, there have been plenty of lines caught on trees and magnificent fishing tales to match. My son and I haven’t been able to get out fishing as much as we would like anymore, but I’m glad I was able to share and pass on this tradition to Nick — especially now that he has grown up and is getting married! As readers may remember, this past summer, Nick and his then girlfriend, Carly, got engaged. They plan to marry soon, and we are all thrilled to watch them take this big step.

comics, but he’s also a whiz at video games and is quite the movie buff. I have the pleasure of working alongside him at Aire Serv of the Mid-Hudson Valley, and while he hasn’t taken on a technician role like his old man, Nick is great at helping behind the scenes of our business. Every now and then, I think about the connections between Nick and my grandfather, even though the two never met. At the very least, they both share the memories I have over worms, hooks, and the musty smell of the water. "There’s an eager anticipation of wondering what’s waiting on the other end of the hook as you reel in your catch."

–Jim Serra

Nick has grown to become a kind young man, and I’m proud of what he’s done with his life so far. Like his dad, he’s really into superheroes and Marvel

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