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Central Catholic High School

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Spring 2018

Alumni Spotlight: Joseph Rettinger’14 Senior at Saint Louis University pg. 4-5

Developing Young Men of Character through Faith, Leadership, and Academics

Letter FROM ...



Central Catholic Board of Directors Clarence Kahlig ’65- Chairman Dan Elder- Co-Vice Chairman Priscilla Gonzaba- Co-Vice Chairman Rev. Larry Doersching, S.M. - Secretary Jack Dysart ’68 Bob Elizondo Dr. Paul Garcia Paul Garro- President Dr. Thomas Gonzaba '78 Tony Liberto '82 Jason Longoria ’96- Alumni Association Pres. Andrea Marks Chris Martinez ’96 Alex Ojeda ‘96 Br. Mike O’Grady Dr. Tim Palomera '89 Dr. Erika Gonzalez-Reyes Judy Rettinger Richard Stagg ’66 Debra Stepan- Parent Club Pres. Bruce Tschoepe ’66 Dr. Aaron Tyler Alumni Association Board of Directors

“The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day He created spring,” said Sir Bernard Williams. It’s springtime and the world wakes up in spring- time! In San Antonio, it’s also fiesta time and our city surely wakes up during fiesta time. Wow! Springtime and Fiesta-- With each celebration of life, each deepened experience of faith and family, each demonstration of brotherhood, let us allow spring’s positivity and the joy of Easter wash over us, elevating our outlook, enlivening our hope and bolstering our gratitude for every blessing. In this issue of the Blue and White, I wanted to relay a simple story that seems to represent the hope our Lord created and the legacy of brotherhood at Central Catholic. The story illuminates the blessings of spring and the responsibility of

Paul Garro, President

living the Easter message.

A few weeks ago, a meeting was arranged with a family seeking admission into Central Catholic High School. The mother and her son wanted us to know how important it was for them to be a part of Central. The son communicated how he has been dreaming about attending Central Catholic since his early years in grade school. The young man described how his father was seriously injured in a car accident and needed constant 24-hour care, and the son said, “I know I’ll make my father proud by attending Central Catholic.” His mother added that she has been working three jobs cleaning hotel rooms to make ends meet; and expressed how extended family and friends will help pay for tuition. The mom pleaded for her son’s admission into our school and she pledged her dedication… it was humbling. The son assured us of his commitment to Central Catholic, his willingness to work hard in all of his classes, his desire to participate in clubs and teams and be active in serving the San Antonio community. When asked why he chose Central Catholic, he said, “I want to be closer to God.” The son proclaimed, “If I am accepted, you will not have any regrets.” The son’s middle school records and his performance on the High School Placement Test were both impressive. Already humbled by their honesty and candidness, I was especially struck by their next request. The mom leaned forward and with complete focus, described the need for her son to be influenced by our brotherhood. She expounded on the need for help in raising her son and requested that we ensure her son get matched with a terrific big brother. She implored that her son participate in the father/son retreat and events, and then her son respectfully interjected, “How soon can I meet the alumni?” And, yes we accepted this young man into the class of 2022. Although this story is being told in 2018, it is a common story that has been told over and over again throughout the years. The details and decades may vary, but Central Catholic and the legacy of the brotherhood, developing family spirit and growing closer to God, always remain constant. This interaction challenged me to take inventory of my actions, reflect on how well I embrace the Easter message and share that message with others. As we adapt and change to the times, let us also be attentive to our foundation revealed in the first disciple, Mary. Modeled by these two people seeking to become members of our Central Catholic community, we are reminded of the gift of community and the importance of remaining vigilant in our pursuit to love genuinely and live abundantly.

Jason F. Longoria ’96 - President Alex J. Ojeda ’96 - Vice President Hector Flores Jr. ’06 - Treasurer Dr. Charles P. Biediger ’84 - Secretary Ernest Herrera ’86 - Sgt-At-Arms

Joseph Acevedo '11 William Galindo ‘82 Andres Gonzalez ‘77 William Gonzalez '86 Mike Lemoine '83 William Long ‘00 Michael R. Lynch ‘79 Abe Luna '90 Josue Morales ‘02 Bobby Olivares ‘79 Wayne A. Ramirez ‘77 Ron Reyes '74 Royce Sample ‘83

Roland T. Tamez ‘94 Paul A. Zaldivar ‘77 Rene G. Zarazua ‘02 School Administrators Paul Garro, President Edward C. Ybarra ’83, Interim Principal and Vice Dan McCarthy, Director of Campus Ministry Jason Longoria ’96, Director of Advancement Paul Combest, Director of Operations Michael Gaffney, Director of Finance Fr. Sean Downing , Chaplain President of Student Development Millicent Marcha, Academic Dean

God bless our Central High! Sincerely,

Paul Garro President of Central Catholic High School



At our annual Central Catholic Gala in February, we kicked off the Our Time Capital Campaign. This campaign will change the future of Central Catholic with the addition of a brand new Convocation Center and the Mother Adele Chapel & Meditation Garden to our campus.

The Convocation Center will feature a 1,200 seat gymnasium; locker rooms for every sport, including our CCHS Cheerleaders; a state-of-the-art weight room; and a new 150-seat chapel honoring Mother Adele .

Recent Updates:

The Convocation Center’s construction will begin THIS summer – June 2018. We anticipate the completion of the project to take 12 months, with the doors opening to the facility no later than September 2019. In addition, JOERIS was the winning general contractor in a blind bid process. This project has become somewhat of family affair! The approved sub-contractors include several alumni & friends of Central Catholic. These businesses have already contributed discounted rates totaling a little more than $55,000.

We have raised $9 Million of our $11.2 million goal!






However, we are still not done. We need a little over $2 million to finish the job. With the support from all of our alumni & friends like you, together, we can meet our goal!

Your contribution will help us leave a legacy for future generations of Central Catholic students and will help us honor our Marianist foundations and clergy. Our time is NOW.


For questions about the campaign or if you would like to inquire about naming opportunities please contact: Mr. Jason Longoria ’96 Director of Advancement jason.longoria@cchs-satx.org 210.225.6794 x 246




J OSEPH R ETTINGER ’14 Joseph Rettinger, a graduate from the Class of 2014, currently attends Saint Louis University where he studies Economics. Recently, Joseph received an invitation for a prestigious summer internship. As the young alumni spotlight, Joseph gives us insight as to what he’s been up too and how Central Catholic played a role in his collegiate success. Get to know him more in this interview below! find a lot of interesting trends and stories of why things happen the way they do, and that is why I love what I study. Additionally, it has given me the tools I need to succeed in the career path I want to pur- sue, which is the biggest reason of all. What are you involved in at SLU? What words of encourage- ment do you have for high school students to get them involved? At Saint Louis University, I’m involved in Economics Club, Active Minds, Labre Ministry to the Homeless, Student Activity Board, Assorted Intramural Sports. The advice I would give to high school students is the same as what my parents have told me and that is that you get out what you put in. By that I mean when you get to college, you no longer have the same structure and supports that you have had before. It becomes your re- sponsibility to try new things and take yourself out of your comfort zone because that is when you grow as a person. The groups that I have been involved with at SLU have not all been concurrent and that is because I have put myself into positions to try different things. Being involved on your campus, in any fashion, will allow you to meet a lot of people and make new friends.

What are your fondest memories of Central Catholic High School? Thinking back on the four years I spent at Central, one of my fondest memories comes from the unique freshman lock-in experience my classmates and I attended. Unsure yet as to how high school would be, the lock-in provided a bonding experience that became the base our brotherhood would be built on. Not knowing many people out- side of middle school relationships yet, the lock-in was where every- one first started to get to know each other and I know it is where I first made a lot of my best friends. Why did you choose Saint Louis University (academics, stellar reputation, faith, extracurricular programs, etc)? What are you getting your degree in and why? Coming to Saint Louis University (SLU) had a lot to do with my de- sire to explore living in new places. While San Antonio will always be home, I realize that there is a lot more the world has to offer, and I want to see as much as I can. I knew I wanted to continue my education in a fashion similar to one I have always known; smaller and religiously affiliated. When I came and toured our campus here, I knew I had found a place that provided a mixture of everything I was looking for. Saint Louis Uni- versity offered on-campus activities, education emphasizing the Jes- uit tradition, a large metro area, highly regarded academics, and hon- estly, having a Major League Baseball team one Metro stop away from campus was an added bonus. I chose to get my degree in Economics through the Chaifetz Busi- ness School because it has become a passion of mine. Studying eco- nomic data allows you to understand the world in a clear and concise way, free from all of the noise and agendas that most information is disseminated through. When you drill down through data you can


What have been a few of your greatest accomplishments thus far? Recently I was selected for a summer internship from a seven state ap- plicant pool to work at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. I will be graduating with Honors this May, and upon graduation I plan to accept a position with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in Houston. I am excited for this opportunity, which includes postings in Washington DC and Dallas prior to permanent assignment to Houston. In addition, among my accomplishments at Saint Louis University, I am proud to list multiple Dean’s List appearances and my dodgeball intramural champi- onships. Why do you think it is important for an alumnus to be active alumni and stay connected to Central Catholic? I think the fact that Central markets itself as creating “brothers for life” should actually mean something, and not solely be a marketing ploy. If we truly are dedicated to the idea of creating a family, something that separates Central from other area high schools, it is important for the alumni to make a concerted effort to keep those relationships alive. Many of my friends from the Class of 2014 are still active in the Central community because we care about the school and we want the classes that follow us to care as well. How has receiving an education at Central Catholic impacted your collegiate years? Central gave me the foundation to succeed going into college. The study habits I picked up there prepared me for how I needed to approach school and continue to be successful here at SLU. The interpersonal skills I developed while at Central gave me the confidence to come out of my shell and make connections here as well. I think that Central does a good job of preparing its students for life after high school, while at the same time ensuring you still can look back on those formative years with fondness; not having been overworked or overstressed.



"“To educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country and prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to the Nation as an officer in the United States Army."

Brandon Villejo ’18 (Left), Austin Villejo ’14( Right)

From moving to the United States from Taiwan in 2009 and not knowing much English, to now being ranked 4th in the senior class as a 4.0 student who has received numerous JROTC and academic awards. Brandon's journey to his acceptance is one of hard work and dedication! In addition, he has been a proud member of the JROTC and Basketball program all four years at CCHS. Read his interview below! I've always had the dream to become a pilot when I grow up so I started looking into what schools could get me to achieve this goal. I wasn't sure of the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) at first because of the huge commit- ment, but as I compared it with other civilian schools, I saw that the Academy stands out from the rest. After talking to liaison officers and recent grads and touring the institution, I had my eyes set on going there. The Academy offers an elite education that forms it’s cadets into well-rounded people. The allure of being a part of such a prestigious institu- tion also drew me to making the decision to apply and ultimately accept my offer of appointment. However, the whole application process was long and tedious. Not only did I need to apply to USAFA, I also needed to apply for congressional nominations from my United States Senators and House of Representatives. As with all other college applications, I needed to provide my test scores, transcripts, resume/extracurriculars, essays, along with recommendation letters. On top of those pieces, I also needed to participate in a physical fitness test and a full medical examination to qualify for an appointment. In addition, I had to interview with the Academy and my congressman. After starting the application process in early March of my junior year, I received my first nomination from Senator Ted Cruz in mid December to USAFA. I then received my second nomination to USAFA and a nomination to the United States Naval Academy from Congressman Henry Cuellar in early January. Later that month, I got two successive phone calls from the offices of Congressman Cuellar and Senator Cruz notifying my offer of appointment to the United States Air Force Academy. I fell speechless. It still hasn't completely settled in me that all the hard work I had put in, not only this ten-month long application process, but also throughout my four years in high school to place me in a position where I could receive an appointment from a service academy, has paid off. I feel proud of the accomplishments which have given me this opportunity. It feels like I’m finally able to reap the benefits of my work, and that was a grand feeling of accomplishment in itself.



A PPOINTEE “ To educate, train, and inspire men and women to become officers of character, motivated to lead the United States Air Force in service to our nation.”

Joaquin Morales is dedicated member of the Central Catholic JROTC program, Raider Team and Physical Training team. His Catholic education influenced his decision to pursue serving his country. In fact, he says that it was the JROTC faculty and mentors at CCHS who emphasize and exemplify the concept of servant leadership who inspired his journey to appointment. Joaquin is passionate about being a leader who will do what he can to support and serve the United States of America. The characteristics of honor and integrity that were formed and rooted in his Catholic faith, education, and in the Marianist tradition will always play a key role in his decision to apply for appointment at an academy. Read his interview below! I knew I wanted to attend college, but I also had a strong interest in serving my country. My family has a history of service, especially in the Army. Like them, I consider it the duty of every able-bodied person to try and serve. As for the United States Military Academy (USMA) in particular, I spent years in a boy scout troop overseen by former Army officers, and was very much influenced by them and by my experience in the Central Catholic Army JROTC program. I also had a strong interest in the United States Naval Academy, however, after visiting both schools, I seemed to have a great sense of place at the USMA. Preparation for an academy always requires good grades and SAT/ACT scores first, but I learned along the way that physical fitness and leadership roles are equally critical. As far as steps, there are too many to describe, and I kept a spread sheet of all the required submissions. Essays and teacher recommendations were part of the process and the academies have electronic portals that allow you to monitor whether they have received the required submissions. The most complex part of the process was securing a nomination. Every congressman and representative had a different procedure, although they communicate between one another to avoid duplicating nominations. Each one required a different number of personal recommendations. Getting an interview with a representative was exciting and a little taxing. My interview was not with a Senator or Congressman, but with a panel of graduates of the Naval Academy, the Merchant Marine Academy, and the Air Force Academy. Interestingly, there was no representative of the USMA there for the interview. I was asked questions about my resume, my experiences in the JROTC, my leadership roles, and my future interests. I was blessed to have received a letter of assurance late in 2017. I was in an National Honor Society meeting when my mother texted me and told me I had received a large packet from the USMA. I was fueled with excitement, but I didn't want to speculate, because I hadn't actually seen what an acceptance packet from an academy looked like. When I got home, I opened it and must admit is was rather overwhelming. My first thought was almost a disbelief that I had gotten into my top choice of schools, but I was certainly ecstatic. I was so excited, in fact, that I had to let it sink in a bit before I could even tell other members of my family. It seems funny now, but I tried to keep it a secret, telling only Mr. Ybarra and my JROTC instructors! However, when it was announced at school, I was able to share the excitement with my friends, especially on the Raider and PT teams. I look forward to my upcoming years at USMA and serving my country.


A Bright Future for the Mighty Button Band

The Mighty Button Band has seen a reenergized transformation with the arrival of new directors, Mr. Danny Solis and Mr. Alex Sanchez. They have given a rekindled spirit to this organization and its members through the various venues of performance which the band has been actively involved in throughout 2017-2018. The band achieved the honor of being named the 2017 TAPPS State Marching Champions and one of three Feature Bands at the 2018 Battle of Bands Fiesta Show. The band will also compete at the 2018 TAPPS Concert Sight-reading Contest in Temple for the first time in many years. Thanks to the generosity of the Alumni Association, most recently members of the band were outfitted for their new band uniforms, to be debuted next fall during football season. Members of the band also traveled to Ireland during spring break where they experienced an incredible time learning about the history of Ireland and visiting many of the

historic land sights such as the Infamous Wall that divided North- ern Ireland from the Republic of Ireland, the Cliffs of Mohr where many scenes have been filmed, castles which are still a part of the culture foundation in Ireland. The band also had the privilege of performing at the site of the construction of the RMS Titanic and the Limerick St. Patrick's Day Parade. The band is preparing for its final performances of the year, visiting with incoming freshmen, as well as making plans for the 2018 Marching Production of “ Gypsy Caravan.” Both Band Directors extend much appreciation to the parents, administration, faculty and community for their continued support of the Button Band.



Class Notes

Class of 1953 The class celebrated their 65th reunion April 13-15. Beginning with a social on Friday, alumni had the chance to catch up & listen to the sounds of the Button Jazz Band. Then on Saturday they had dinner at River City Grill where a delicious dinner was had. President Paul Garro gave a state of the school. The '53ers ended their weekend on Sunday with Mass, breakfast, and tours at Central Catholic. Class of 1966, 67, 68 These classes gathered together for a Spring Barbecue at Central Catholic on April 7. They enjoyed great food and fellowship with their classmates. Class of 1958 Contact Jack Murphy if you are interested in helping plan the event or James Zotz Jr. Class of 1967 Mini Round Up Friday, May 18 from 4 - 10 p.m. Hilander Bar & Grill. Contact Lee Rodriguez rodriguezla1@gmail.com Class of 1968 Planning their 50th reunion. Dates/events TBA. Class of 1969 Beginning to plan their reunion. Contact Henry Alonzo if you are interested in assisting. Class of 1970 Will celebrate their annual mass Sunday, April 29, at the CCHS Chapel at 9:30 a.m. They come together to celebrate the lives of brothers they have lost. Mass is followed by breakfast off campus. Contact Gilbert Flores for more info. Class of 1973 In the planning stages of putting together a reunion. Please contact Jim Lowry if you'd like to be part of this. Class of 2013 Planning 5 year reunion. More details to come. Class coordinator is Ed Karam. Upcoming Reunions

We've all had a chance to travel life's path in different ways: incredible stories to tell, fun adventures to reveal, milestones to share, and lessons to learn. With over 9,000 living alumni around the world, we can't tell our whole story without sharing everyone else's. Did a baby join your family? Received an award? Move to a new city? The new Class Notes section on our alumni webpage is the perfect avenue to let all your classmates know what is new with you, so show your Button pride by sharing your life update. Share Your Life Update with Us! SUBMIT A CLASS NOTE

Jason Longoria ’96 named Director of Advancement

Jason Longoria, a graduate of Central Catholic High School (Class of 1996), has been named the school’s Director of Advancement. Central Catholic proudly welcomes Jason Longoria back from his 14-year CCHS hiatus where he worked as the Senior Marketing Communications Manager for AT&T. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History/Political Science from St. Mary’s University. There, he

was a member of Student Government and Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. Jason’s passions outside of work are: Serving many roles including the President of St. Mary’s University Alumni Association, being a member of the St. Mary’s University Board of Trustees, President for the Central Catholic Alumni Association, and Central Catholic Board of Directors - Executive Committee as the Chair of Marianist Engagement. He and his wife, Annelisa, have been married for almost 8 years and they have a daughter named Adeline (13 months old). He and Annelisa enjoy playing golf, running, and traveling to see concerts & music festivals, in addition to chasing after their daughter. Welcome to the team!



The Central Catholic Gala

On the evening of February 17, a packed house of 675 alumni, parents and friends gathered at the Mays Family Center at the Witte Museum for the 5th annual Central Catholic Gala. Over the past five years, the Gala has evolved into a hallmark cele- bration for everyone affiliated with Central Catholic High School. Each member of the extended Central Catholic community came together to pay trib- ute to special individuals and experiences, to celebrate the school’s tradition, and to raise support for the school’s future. It is truly a blessing to witness the ongoing gen- erosity of all who continue to support our school.

As dinner began, the Gala Chairs welcomed guests and ushered in the night’s theme by recognizing Coach Carlos Enrico for his 40 years of dedication to Central Catholic. Mr. Eddie Ybarra then introduced the Our Time video that illuminated the mission of the capi- tal campaign: to accommodate continued growth in enrollment, and to serve the growing spir- itual, academic, and co-curricular needs of Central Catholic students.

We would like to give special thanks to the Gala Chairs, Steve ‘86 and Jill Markey and Charlie ‘84 and Sonia Gomez, as well as the entire Gala committee. Funds raised from this event come from a number of sources—sponsorships, auction donations, generous auction bids, ticket sales, and other special donations.

On behalf of the entire Central Catholic Gala committee, thank you for your support! Your contribution is very much appreciated. We look forward to seeing you at the Gala next Spring!

To view photos from the 2018 Central Catholic Gala please click HERE .

Alumni Softball

Champions were crowned at the 8th Annual Central Catholic Alumni Softball Tournament on Saturday, March 24 at the Rusty Lyons Softball Complex. Hosted by the Central Catholic Alumni Association, teams were divided into two divisions. The Master’s Division consisted of seven teams from the classes of ’79 - ’92 and the Junior’s Division consisted of seven teams from the classes of ‘94/96 - ’17. Thank you to the 14-teams made up of more than 175 alumni who participated in the tournament. In the Master’s Division, the Classes of 1984/85 (G-E-C-U Brew Crew), were the winners over the runner-up, and defending champion, the Class of 1989 (Central

Class of 1984-85 Team (Above)

Mafia). In the Junior Division, the classes of 2007 & 2008 defeated the classes of 2003 & 2004.

The brotherhood camaraderie immersed the Rusty Lyons Softball Complex throughout the day and well into the evening! Thank you to everyone who participated and showed support for this great event. Special thanks to the Alumni Association for hosting the annual tournament, led by committee chair Will Galindo ‘82. We look forward to seeing everyone out at the fields next Spring. Check out the photos from the tournament.

To view photos from the 2018 Alumni Softball Tournament please click HERE .

Class of 2007-2008 Team (Above)



MG Building Materials Central Catholic Golf Tournament Thanks to our MG Building Materials-CCHS Golf Classic sponsors and players, we had another very successful tournament at The Quarry Golf Club this past April! Final figures aren’t in yet, but projections show the tournament co-chairmen will easily meet their goal to benefit all Central students and faculty with a new 20-station computer lab (capable of cyber security studies); and state- of-the art Texas Instrument Nspire a dvanced graphing calculators for every Math student.

The winning teams of the weekend were both sponsor teams—one of Wayne Yakes’ teams (led by Coach Joe Cortez, former CCHS basketball coach) and the Silver Eagle team.

The success of this tournament is bittersweet with the passing of its name sponsor Larry Grothues—CCHS Class of ’65 and owner of MG Building Materials--just five days after the 2018 tournament. It has raised more than $333,000 i n the past four years alone to keep CCHS at the top of its game, including campus-wide WiFi; iPads; Google Chromebooks; Smart Boards; Apple computers; and green screen and cameras for the “Brother Harry Cornell S.M. Global Communications Lab, underwritten by Larry Grothues.” Special thanks to the tournament golf chairmen (Jack Lopez ’71; Jack Dysart, ’68; Bruce Tschoepe '66; René Valero '71; and Dan Elder) and important sponsors Clarence Kahlig ‘65, Wayne F. Yakes M.D., ’71, and Olive Garden Stone Oak) and all the many sponsors and donors that made it possible.

To view photos from the MG Building Materials– CCHS Golf Classic please click HERE .



As the Central Catholic High School mission states, “We develop men for success through the development of scholarship, leadership, and moral character.” It’s no surprise, then, that our students and graduates are doing amazing things within CCHS and out in their communities. From winning awards and being selected for competitive programs around the country to making a difference in entertainment to being recognized for career achievements, these members are making Central Catholic proud. Do you know a high school or alumnus brother who should be featured? If so, please send his story to our Communications Manager, at news@cchs-satx.org.

* denotes alumnus member



JROTC Raider Team Current Students

Alex Conrad Class of 2018

Congratulations to Central Catholic's JROTC Raider team for placing 3rd Place at The Islander Challenge held on the beach of Corpus Christi. This is the toughest competition of their season in a field of 29 teams from 20 high schools. * Henry Van de Putte Class of 2002 Henry Van de Putte III, was named the Regional Chief Executive for the American Red Cross, Texas Gulf Coast as of February 26, 2018. He has served as Executive Director of Red Cross serving the Greater San Antonio Area and as the Director of Advance- ment at CCHS. Congratulations!

Alex Conrad was named one of the players in the San Antonio Express News All Area Basketball Team for 2017-2108. Alex averaged 18 points a game and 10 rebounds. He also recently signed to play basketball at Hendrix College! Please help us congratulate Alex, his family, and Coach Bruce McConaghy! 3 JROTC Chaminade Guard Drill Team The Chaminade Guard Drill Team and Col- or Guard recently competed at Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky! They are now ranked 14th in the Nation. In addition, Nicholas Garza ’19 is now ranked 4th in the Nation as a soloist. To see photos and a video of the competition please click HERE ! Courtesy of Mrs. Fletcher, 2021 parent.



Velma Uriegas English Department Chair

We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Velma Uriegas was selected as the 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year from Central Catholic High School by the Department of Catholic Schools! She represents the many teachers in Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of San Antonio who continually make sacrifices to ensure the best quality of Catholic education for the youth of our communities. More importantly, for the young men of Central Catholic! Thank you Mrs. Uriegas for your service and tireless efforts.




* Edward C. Ybarra Jr. Class of 1983

Some may know him as “Eddie,” “Coach Ybarra,” or the disciplinarian “Mr. Ybarra.” You can typically tell at what point in time you met him based on what you call him! Mr. Edward C. Ybarra Jr. ’83 was recently recognized for an award most individuals strive to achieve. On April 14, 2018 he was named the 2018 Arch- bishop Patrick F. Flores Lifetime Achievement Award honoree. Mr. Ybarra currently serves in dual roles as the Interim Principal and Vice President of Student Development at Central Catholic High School, his beloved alma mater. After graduating from Central Cath- olic in 1983, he earned his B.A. in Business Management from Texas

Lutheran University and a Masters of Education from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Many members of the Central Catholic community extended their congratulations to Mr. Ybarra and commented on the impact he has had on their sons and Central Catholic over the years. SFC Edward Bradford said, “They couldn’t have rewarded a better man– you truly deserve this award. I have known you for ten years and always see you giving your all to the school, young men and community. I am proud to know you and it is blessing to see you be honored in such away.” Ernesto Sobrevilla Salinas expressed, “Congratulations! A well deserved honor for a great educator, mentor and pillar at Central Catholic. It’s been my pleasure to know you Mr. Eddie Ybarra!” Mario Davila said, “Thanks for being so passionate about developing are boys into men.” Fr. Oscar Vasquez extended his appreciation saying, “Congratulations to our wonderful Mr. Eddie Ybarra. Mr. Ybarra is a true product of the Catholic Marianist education at Central Catholic.” A Class of 2021 parent, Laura Redman, exclaimed, “Sir— YOU ARE THE REASON we are at CC. Keep doing what your doing!”

Thank you Mr. Ybarra for you continued dedication to Central Catholic!

To view his acceptance speech, please click HERE .


Iron Fangs Robotics Team Current Students


Ali Marotta Central Catholic Twirler

Congratulations to our Robotics Team, the Iron Fangs, for reaching the finals at this year’s First Robotics Alamo Regional at St. Mary's University. They received a Wild Card Birth that allows the team to compete in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Houston Texas at the end of April! The Iron Fangs’ record for the competition was 14 wins to 4 losses. Way to go team! To read a feature in The Pep school newspaper about their road to World’s please click HERE .

Ali Marotta represented Central Catholic High School in the AAU Baton Twirling Central Championship in Chicago. She placed 1st in all events including Solo, X -Strut, 2 Baton, 3 Baton, and Multi Baton Solo and was awarded “All Around Champion.” Ali’s brother, Michael, graduated as the Salutatorian for the class of 2017. We are proud to have Ali represent Central Catholic High School! Make sure to cheer her on during the next football season!





J ULY 2017 - A PRIL 2018

GOAL FOR 2017-2018


$119,190.55 THANK YOU!

75.5% of $150,000 goal







This year, of 25 new donors 4 are alumni

If EVERY alumni gives at least $5 by June 30, 2018 , we WILL reach our goal!



The Fund for Central Catholic helps support expanding curricula, changes in technology, and various needs of our students. This fund touches the lives of every student! Please consider a gift to help the next generation of Central Catholic men. Every gift counts!




We are in the process of updating our Alumni Class Ambassador contact list and need your help! We understand that some Ambassadors' ability to volunteer may have changed over the years, so if you are currently serving as a Class Ambassador, or know someone that we should contact, please let us know and we will update our list.

1950 Charles M. Smith 1951 Frank D. Holzmann, Sr.

1973 Roger T. Carrillo, A.I.A. 1974 Isaac A. Cardenas MS 1975 Adrian R. Rodriguez 1976 Lawrence J. Perez 1977 David B. Pollock 1978 Dave Ramos 1979 Michael G. Specia Robert J. Olivares

1995 Class ambassador needed 1996 Chris R. Martinez Jorge A. Herrera 1997 Mike Klasing Jimmy Felan 1998 Antonio A. Cabral 1999 Michael A. Montaño 2000 Ricardo Galindo III 2001 Joseph M. Boeselt Stephen M. Calderon 2002 Class ambassador needed 2003 Ivan A. Lopez Jason Herrera 2004 Sean I. Huckleberry 2005 Mark A. Olivares David G. Olivares 2006 Hector Flores, Jr. 2007 Class ambassador needed 2008 Class ambassador needed 2009 Class ambassador needed 2010 Jeff Saenz 2011 Nicholas A. Garcia Joseph Acevedo 2012 Class ambassador needed 2013 Class ambassador needed 2014 Class ambassador needed 2015 Class ambassador needed 2016 Class ambassador needed 2017 Class ambassador needed

CW4 Carl H. Bernal, USA Ret. 1952 COL John A. Tengler, USA Ret. 1953 Mr. Howard L. Freeman, Jr. Mr. A. J. Hohman, Jr. 1954 Mr. Delbert E. Driskill 1955 COL Edgar A. Marshall, Jr., USA, Ret. 1956 Mr. Anthony B. Crosby, Jr. 1957 Guadalupe J. Martinez 1958 Leo J. Jehl James J. Zotz, Jr.

1980 David J. Flores 1981 Marco A. Ayala 1982 Joseph D. Biela

Michael A. Contreras

1959 Laurence J. Raba 1960 Robert J. Cotter Lee Mueller 1961 Russell L. Miller Arthur D. Galvan 1962 Louis R. Baeten

1983 Thomas Romo Jack G. Young 1984 Roberto R. Rodriquez Michael A. Aleman 1985 David R. Reynosa Manuel C. Sanchez 1986 Christopher M. Gill 1987 Irenio Puente, Jr. 1988 Wayne Donecker Roman G. Zulaica 1989 Sam Garza, Jr. 1990 Richard F. Acosta Chris M. Villanueva 1991 Klaus M. Schonfeld Chris M. Gallegos 1992 Thomas R. Aguillon 1993 Bryan A. Lopez David M. Vara 1994 Christopher D. Galvan Michael U. Villarreal

Joseph G. San Miguel, Ph.D. Mark A. Mueller

1963 Chris Maguire 1964 Dr. John J. Gonzalez 1965 Mr. James A. Douglass William P. Hickey 1966 Andy Kerr Bruce E. Tschoepe 1967 MAJ Oscar Calderon, R.PH 1968 Daniel L. De Riemer

1969 Henry S. Alonzo 1970 Gilbert G. Flores 1971 Rene Valero 1972 Daniel Rivera

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to volunteer to represent your class! As a Class Ambassador, your time, energy and leadership are greatly appreciated, and valued to the CCHS community. By keeping your classmates connected, informed, and engaged, you are a key reason the Central Catholic experience continues. We believe the role of the Class Ambassador is critical to keeping a vibrant alumni association. Class Ambassadors know their classes better than anyone and can serve an important role in advancing the mission of Central Catholic.

More information can be found on the website at: www.cchs-satx.org/page/alumni/class-ambassadors . Please contact Angela Sikorski, Advancement Manager for Constituent Relations, with any questions or updates at asikorski@cchs-satx.org or (210) 225-6794 ext. 207



Building the Class of 2022– 50% Increase in Applications

Central Catholic has a 166-year-old tradition of attracting gifted, spirited and dedicated students who are developed as young men of character through faith, academics, and leadership. Since the fall semester, there has been an intentional focus on building the next incoming class, the Class of 2022, with anticipation of these students contributing to our beloved school's legacy. At the beginning of the admissions season, we kicked off a new initiative, Diagnostic High School Placement Test (HSPT), welcoming eighth-grade boys to take a practice HSPT and receive comprehensive test scores highlighting skill level. Based on test performance, a student was then invited to attend a follow-up Math and/or English workshop to further assist him in his preparation for the Official HSPT Day in December. This initiative paired with our annual Middle School Tailgate (September), 8th Grade School Visits (October), Practice HSPT Days (November), and Official HSPT Day allowed Central Catholic faculty, staff and students to engage with a significant amount of eager potential families. From January 2017 to January 2018, Central Catholic has seen a 30% increase in families taking school tours and a 22% increase in eighth-grade students shadowing. Thus far, we have seen a 50% increase in submitted incoming freshman applications compared to last year. It is an exciting time for Central Catholic's enrollment! The success of our school's enrollment is to be shared and celebrated by everyone. As an alumnus, parent, or friend of Central Catholic, there are many ways you can help us continue building our student community. Do you know of any families that could benefit from joining the Central Catholic family? If so, share their name with Bethany Herman, Director of Enrollment, and we will reach out to them. Thank you for your support!

Central Catholic has had the unique opportunity to pilot an International Student Program. This program adds diversity to the student population and aligns with the Marianist charism. We are people of community joined together in service to others. What better way to provide service than to welcome a visiting student into your home! In anticipation for future international students, there is a request for potential host families. A host family has the responsibility of providing a student with a safe, supportive and loving home for an academic year. As a student joins your family, he would be encouraged to participate in all aspects of family life. This personal learning experience fosters the exchange of ideas and provides a student with exposure to the cultural and social environment of the home. A host family is compensated to cover day-to-day food expenses and accommodation expenses. If your family is interested in being a host family, please contact Bethany Herman, Director of Enrollment, for more information.

Become A Family Host




APRIL 24 Capital Campaign- Alumni Round Up in Houston, Texas

MAY 4 Alumni Roundup @ CCHS

MAY 6 Mother-Son Liturgy and Luncheon @ Omni Colonnade

MAY 23 Alumni Association Senior Luncheon @ CCHS

SUMMER at Central

MAY 24 Baccalaureate &

Graduation Ceremony @ St. Mary’s University

We are fortunate to offer many programs that will keep your boys engaged over the summer break. In fact, Central Catholic's Summer Camps have been a San Antonio summertime staple since 1995. Over the years we have offered athletic camps that have helped boys develop their athletic abilities, but in 2015 we proudly introduced a number of academic learning enrichment camps for elementary and middle school students. This allows us to provide a total experience of fun "Summer at Central Catholic."

JUNE 1 Last Day of School

AUGUST 11 Wild Game Dinner



In Remembrance

Central Catholic High School mourns the loss of its alumni and family. On this page, we pay homage to fellow Buttons who have recently passed away. Please note, this information is updated by our Central Catholic records. If you wish to submit information on an alumnus who has passed away, please email our Stewardship Manager, Elisa Vitagliano at evitagliano@cchs-satx.org. “… We thank you, Lord, for allowing us to share in the life, joys, and suffer- ings of our dear friends. May their life and death deepen our bonds of faith, hope, and charity. May our prayers help bring them and all of our de- ceased family members ‘into the light of your face.’ We ask you, Lord, to bring comfort and courage to their family and friends. May your Mother, Mary, pray for all of us ‘now and at the hour of our death.’” - Rev. Don Cowie, S.M.


The Blue and White Newsletter is the quarterly newsletter of Central Catholic High School.

HOW TO MAKE AN ADDRESS CHANGE Go to www.cchs-satx.org, Alumni, Submit a form under Update Your Information . HOW TO SUBMIT NEWS STORIES Send all news with a photo to news@cchs- satx.org. All submissions are subject to editing. Please include full names in articles. Photos must be of good quality. HOW TO SUBMIT CLASS NOTES To submit an alumni class note, please submit a form online at www.cchs-satx.org/ page/alumni/class-notes WANTING TO ORGANIZE A REUNION? To begin organizing a class reunion, please contact Lisa Ybarra in the Advancement Office at lybarra@cchs-satx.org or (210) 225-6794 ext. 247. Jason Longoria ’96, Director of Advancement Annette Castillo, Communications Manager (Editor) Angela Sikorski , Parents & Alumni Lisa Ybarra , Reunions & Boosters Elisa Vitagliano , Database, Stewardship & Gift Processing ADVANCEMENT CONTACTS

Ruben Nunez ’39

Noile Torbert ’47

Adolph Marsch ’62

David Gonzalez ’63

Larry Grotheus ’65

Michael Pish ’65

Sammy Scrivano ’65

Terry Hamilton ’67

Ernesto Perales ’80

Demetrio Cardenas ’93

Genevieve Oswald (mother of Charles ’78; George ’84, Michael ’86, Thomas ’91)


Tom Benson



M ISSION OF C ENTRAL C ATHOLIC H IGH S CHOOL Central Catholic High School is a college preparatory school educating young men, from diverse backgrounds, in the Marianist tradition for success through the development of scholarship, leadership and moral character.

Recent Events

Varsity Baseball vs. Antonian

Class of 1953 Reunion at Ms. Margaret’s House– April 13

Students learning in Global Communications Lab


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