Central Catholic Blue & White Newsletter- Spring 2018


We are in the process of updating our Alumni Class Ambassador contact list and need your help! We understand that some Ambassadors' ability to volunteer may have changed over the years, so if you are currently serving as a Class Ambassador, or know someone that we should contact, please let us know and we will update our list.

1950 Charles M. Smith 1951 Frank D. Holzmann, Sr.

1973 Roger T. Carrillo, A.I.A. 1974 Isaac A. Cardenas MS 1975 Adrian R. Rodriguez 1976 Lawrence J. Perez 1977 David B. Pollock 1978 Dave Ramos 1979 Michael G. Specia Robert J. Olivares

1995 Class ambassador needed 1996 Chris R. Martinez Jorge A. Herrera 1997 Mike Klasing Jimmy Felan 1998 Antonio A. Cabral 1999 Michael A. MontaƱo 2000 Ricardo Galindo III 2001 Joseph M. Boeselt Stephen M. Calderon 2002 Class ambassador needed 2003 Ivan A. Lopez Jason Herrera 2004 Sean I. Huckleberry 2005 Mark A. Olivares David G. Olivares 2006 Hector Flores, Jr. 2007 Class ambassador needed 2008 Class ambassador needed 2009 Class ambassador needed 2010 Jeff Saenz 2011 Nicholas A. Garcia Joseph Acevedo 2012 Class ambassador needed 2013 Class ambassador needed 2014 Class ambassador needed 2015 Class ambassador needed 2016 Class ambassador needed 2017 Class ambassador needed

CW4 Carl H. Bernal, USA Ret. 1952 COL John A. Tengler, USA Ret. 1953 Mr. Howard L. Freeman, Jr. Mr. A. J. Hohman, Jr. 1954 Mr. Delbert E. Driskill 1955 COL Edgar A. Marshall, Jr., USA, Ret. 1956 Mr. Anthony B. Crosby, Jr. 1957 Guadalupe J. Martinez 1958 Leo J. Jehl James J. Zotz, Jr.

1980 David J. Flores 1981 Marco A. Ayala 1982 Joseph D. Biela

Michael A. Contreras

1959 Laurence J. Raba 1960 Robert J. Cotter Lee Mueller 1961 Russell L. Miller Arthur D. Galvan 1962 Louis R. Baeten

1983 Thomas Romo Jack G. Young 1984 Roberto R. Rodriquez Michael A. Aleman 1985 David R. Reynosa Manuel C. Sanchez 1986 Christopher M. Gill 1987 Irenio Puente, Jr. 1988 Wayne Donecker Roman G. Zulaica 1989 Sam Garza, Jr. 1990 Richard F. Acosta Chris M. Villanueva 1991 Klaus M. Schonfeld Chris M. Gallegos 1992 Thomas R. Aguillon 1993 Bryan A. Lopez David M. Vara 1994 Christopher D. Galvan Michael U. Villarreal

Joseph G. San Miguel, Ph.D. Mark A. Mueller

1963 Chris Maguire 1964 Dr. John J. Gonzalez 1965 Mr. James A. Douglass William P. Hickey 1966 Andy Kerr Bruce E. Tschoepe 1967 MAJ Oscar Calderon, R.PH 1968 Daniel L. De Riemer

1969 Henry S. Alonzo 1970 Gilbert G. Flores 1971 Rene Valero 1972 Daniel Rivera

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to volunteer to represent your class! As a Class Ambassador, your time, energy and leadership are greatly appreciated, and valued to the CCHS community. By keeping your classmates connected, informed, and engaged, you are a key reason the Central Catholic experience continues. We believe the role of the Class Ambassador is critical to keeping a vibrant alumni association. Class Ambassadors know their classes better than anyone and can serve an important role in advancing the mission of Central Catholic.

More information can be found on the website at: www.cchs-satx.org/page/alumni/class-ambassadors . Please contact Angela Sikorski, Advancement Manager for Constituent Relations, with any questions or updates at asikorski@cchs-satx.org or (210) 225-6794 ext. 207


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