Central Catholic Blue & White Newsletter- Spring 2018


Building the Class of 2022– 50% Increase in Applications

Central Catholic has a 166-year-old tradition of attracting gifted, spirited and dedicated students who are developed as young men of character through faith, academics, and leadership. Since the fall semester, there has been an intentional focus on building the next incoming class, the Class of 2022, with anticipation of these students contributing to our beloved school's legacy. At the beginning of the admissions season, we kicked off a new initiative, Diagnostic High School Placement Test (HSPT), welcoming eighth-grade boys to take a practice HSPT and receive comprehensive test scores highlighting skill level. Based on test performance, a student was then invited to attend a follow-up Math and/or English workshop to further assist him in his preparation for the Official HSPT Day in December. This initiative paired with our annual Middle School Tailgate (September), 8th Grade School Visits (October), Practice HSPT Days (November), and Official HSPT Day allowed Central Catholic faculty, staff and students to engage with a significant amount of eager potential families. From January 2017 to January 2018, Central Catholic has seen a 30% increase in families taking school tours and a 22% increase in eighth-grade students shadowing. Thus far, we have seen a 50% increase in submitted incoming freshman applications compared to last year. It is an exciting time for Central Catholic's enrollment! The success of our school's enrollment is to be shared and celebrated by everyone. As an alumnus, parent, or friend of Central Catholic, there are many ways you can help us continue building our student community. Do you know of any families that could benefit from joining the Central Catholic family? If so, share their name with Bethany Herman, Director of Enrollment, and we will reach out to them. Thank you for your support!

Central Catholic has had the unique opportunity to pilot an International Student Program. This program adds diversity to the student population and aligns with the Marianist charism. We are people of community joined together in service to others. What better way to provide service than to welcome a visiting student into your home! In anticipation for future international students, there is a request for potential host families. A host family has the responsibility of providing a student with a safe, supportive and loving home for an academic year. As a student joins your family, he would be encouraged to participate in all aspects of family life. This personal learning experience fosters the exchange of ideas and provides a student with exposure to the cultural and social environment of the home. A host family is compensated to cover day-to-day food expenses and accommodation expenses. If your family is interested in being a host family, please contact Bethany Herman, Director of Enrollment, for more information.

Become A Family Host


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