Central Catholic Blue & White Newsletter- Spring 2018

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Central Catholic Board of Directors Clarence Kahlig ’65- Chairman Dan Elder- Co-Vice Chairman Priscilla Gonzaba- Co-Vice Chairman Rev. Larry Doersching, S.M. - Secretary Jack Dysart ’68 Bob Elizondo Dr. Paul Garcia Paul Garro- President Dr. Thomas Gonzaba '78 Tony Liberto '82 Jason Longoria ’96- Alumni Association Pres. Andrea Marks Chris Martinez ’96 Alex Ojeda ‘96 Br. Mike O’Grady Dr. Tim Palomera '89 Dr. Erika Gonzalez-Reyes Judy Rettinger Richard Stagg ’66 Debra Stepan- Parent Club Pres. Bruce Tschoepe ’66 Dr. Aaron Tyler Alumni Association Board of Directors

“The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day He created spring,” said Sir Bernard Williams. It’s springtime and the world wakes up in spring- time! In San Antonio, it’s also fiesta time and our city surely wakes up during fiesta time. Wow! Springtime and Fiesta-- With each celebration of life, each deepened experience of faith and family, each demonstration of brotherhood, let us allow spring’s positivity and the joy of Easter wash over us, elevating our outlook, enlivening our hope and bolstering our gratitude for every blessing. In this issue of the Blue and White, I wanted to relay a simple story that seems to represent the hope our Lord created and the legacy of brotherhood at Central Catholic. The story illuminates the blessings of spring and the responsibility of

Paul Garro, President

living the Easter message.

A few weeks ago, a meeting was arranged with a family seeking admission into Central Catholic High School. The mother and her son wanted us to know how important it was for them to be a part of Central. The son communicated how he has been dreaming about attending Central Catholic since his early years in grade school. The young man described how his father was seriously injured in a car accident and needed constant 24-hour care, and the son said, “I know I’ll make my father proud by attending Central Catholic.” His mother added that she has been working three jobs cleaning hotel rooms to make ends meet; and expressed how extended family and friends will help pay for tuition. The mom pleaded for her son’s admission into our school and she pledged her dedication… it was humbling. The son assured us of his commitment to Central Catholic, his willingness to work hard in all of his classes, his desire to participate in clubs and teams and be active in serving the San Antonio community. When asked why he chose Central Catholic, he said, “I want to be closer to God.” The son proclaimed, “If I am accepted, you will not have any regrets.” The son’s middle school records and his performance on the High School Placement Test were both impressive. Already humbled by their honesty and candidness, I was especially struck by their next request. The mom leaned forward and with complete focus, described the need for her son to be influenced by our brotherhood. She expounded on the need for help in raising her son and requested that we ensure her son get matched with a terrific big brother. She implored that her son participate in the father/son retreat and events, and then her son respectfully interjected, “How soon can I meet the alumni?” And, yes we accepted this young man into the class of 2022. Although this story is being told in 2018, it is a common story that has been told over and over again throughout the years. The details and decades may vary, but Central Catholic and the legacy of the brotherhood, developing family spirit and growing closer to God, always remain constant. This interaction challenged me to take inventory of my actions, reflect on how well I embrace the Easter message and share that message with others. As we adapt and change to the times, let us also be attentive to our foundation revealed in the first disciple, Mary. Modeled by these two people seeking to become members of our Central Catholic community, we are reminded of the gift of community and the importance of remaining vigilant in our pursuit to love genuinely and live abundantly.

Jason F. Longoria ’96 - President Alex J. Ojeda ’96 - Vice President Hector Flores Jr. ’06 - Treasurer Dr. Charles P. Biediger ’84 - Secretary Ernest Herrera ’86 - Sgt-At-Arms

Joseph Acevedo '11 William Galindo ‘82 Andres Gonzalez ‘77 William Gonzalez '86 Mike Lemoine '83 William Long ‘00 Michael R. Lynch ‘79 Abe Luna '90 Josue Morales ‘02 Bobby Olivares ‘79 Wayne A. Ramirez ‘77 Ron Reyes '74 Royce Sample ‘83

Roland T. Tamez ‘94 Paul A. Zaldivar ‘77 Rene G. Zarazua ‘02 School Administrators Paul Garro, President Edward C. Ybarra ’83, Interim Principal and Vice Dan McCarthy, Director of Campus Ministry Jason Longoria ’96, Director of Advancement Paul Combest, Director of Operations Michael Gaffney, Director of Finance Fr. Sean Downing , Chaplain President of Student Development Millicent Marcha, Academic Dean

God bless our Central High! Sincerely,

Paul Garro President of Central Catholic High School


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