Central Catholic Blue & White Newsletter- Spring 2018

What have been a few of your greatest accomplishments thus far? Recently I was selected for a summer internship from a seven state ap- plicant pool to work at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. I will be graduating with Honors this May, and upon graduation I plan to accept a position with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in Houston. I am excited for this opportunity, which includes postings in Washington DC and Dallas prior to permanent assignment to Houston. In addition, among my accomplishments at Saint Louis University, I am proud to list multiple Dean’s List appearances and my dodgeball intramural champi- onships. Why do you think it is important for an alumnus to be active alumni and stay connected to Central Catholic? I think the fact that Central markets itself as creating “brothers for life” should actually mean something, and not solely be a marketing ploy. If we truly are dedicated to the idea of creating a family, something that separates Central from other area high schools, it is important for the alumni to make a concerted effort to keep those relationships alive. Many of my friends from the Class of 2014 are still active in the Central community because we care about the school and we want the classes that follow us to care as well. How has receiving an education at Central Catholic impacted your collegiate years? Central gave me the foundation to succeed going into college. The study habits I picked up there prepared me for how I needed to approach school and continue to be successful here at SLU. The interpersonal skills I developed while at Central gave me the confidence to come out of my shell and make connections here as well. I think that Central does a good job of preparing its students for life after high school, while at the same time ensuring you still can look back on those formative years with fondness; not having been overworked or overstressed.


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