Grocery Highlights 2022 by Ramsden International

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Muller Corner Banana Yogurt with Chocolate Flakes 130g 12 Per Case 3706451

Oreo Vanilla Yogurts with Oreo Biscuit Pieces 4 x 120g 3 Per Case 3706172

Actimel Blueberry 8 x 100g (800g) 3 Per Case 3709805

Onken Natural Set Biopot Yogurt 500g 6 Per Case 3708116

Rachel’s Organic Breakfast Greek Style Vanilla Yogurt & Granola 135g 6 Per Case 3701408

Rachel’s Organic Traditional Divine Rice Puddings 2x150g 6 Per Case 3701532

Fage Total Natural Fat Free Greek Recipe Strained Yoghurt 500g 6 Per Case 3708070

Fage Total Natural Greek Recipe Strained Yoghurt 500g 6 Per Case 3705310

Alpro Simply Plain Yogurt Alternative 500g 6 Per Case 3701291

Alpro Silky Smooth Chocolate Dessert UHT 4 x 125g 6 Per Case 3708196

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