Grocery Highlights 2022 by Ramsden International


Before placing your order, please check that you have achieved our minimum order requirements for each range. Our 5 ranges include products from our main suppliers who all have varying minimum order quantities and values (MOQ/V), depending on the products you’d like to add to your order. Products from our biggest supplier are referred to as ‘Everyday’ and products from our two niche suppliers are referred to as ‘Fine Foods’ and ‘Health’. These products are easily distinguished by the product code that sits beneath the product description throughout this brochure. Everyday: 200mixed cases Product codes begin with: 10 Fine Foods: £500 GBP Product codes begin with: 4 Health: £700 GBP Product codes begin with: A Chilled: 30mixed cases Product codes begin with: 3 Frozen: 30mixed cases Product codes begin with: 2 Please note, both grocery and non-food products can be mixed in an order. For more information about minimum order quantities and values, please contact your Customer Service Export Advisor.

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