CIPP communication and branding guidelines



All customer facing communications impact the on the CIPP. It is therefore important to ensure that there is a consistent look and feel to the communications regardless of the department or channel they are delivered through.

Communication guidelines

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House styles


There are many elements which contribute to the overall outward appearance of the CIPP brand including:




● ● Advertising ● ● Course materials ● ● Editorial ● ● Logos ● ● Marketing brochures and flyers ● ● Presentations ● ● Stationary ● ● Website

Branding and style guidelines


The CIPP logos

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Additional logos and quality standards

Colour palette

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Images and icons

Ensuring all these elements are appropriately styled in order to reinforce the brand of the Institute is very important and should be reviewed and undertaken by all employees and contractors of the CIPP.

Exceptions and specific uses


Marketing literature

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The guidelines and rules contained in this document will assist you with creating and editing customer communications.

The bulk of these rules are for general use; however, there are exceptions and specialised style guidelines available for areas such as the magazine and training materials, where the standard house styles are not suitable.

For any questions regarding this document or the CIPP branding and house styles, please consult the marketing team.

Templates are available to assist you and can be found here.

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