Farming In Focus - Autumn 2023



Letter from the Editor

I regret to say this will be my last opportunity to write this letter as my time at K-line Ag is drawing to a close. My 30 years through the life of K-line Ag from its inception has been a pleasurable experience. I can only say both the Rural industry and its People are the backbone of Australia and are an absolute pleasure to work with!!

A long with this the K-line Ag team known for its Customer service Excellence and since the CNH acquisition, the wider CNH team that I have been fortunate to work with have provided me with many pleasurable memory’s and learning experiences. 2023 Looks set to be another good season for the cropping and livestock industry with an average rainfall prediction due to La-nina drawing to a close. Most regions are fortunate enough to have substantial sub-soil moisture reserves, which will need rain by early to mid-April to join up to and make way for winter planting. Growers who were ahead of the game in managing their early summer weeds are definitely on the front foot having ensured they have conserved their subsoil and retained Nitrogen adding value to the 2023 cropping season. The 23 season has season some softening in most commodity pricing both with Lamb,

rain has resulted in hard panning issues in which we will find over the next 12 months farmers will need to be subsoiling to ensure both adequate aeration and root penetration. It is excellent to see K-line on a broader scene punching above its weight shipping high volumes of equipment into the Global market, we have seen the US and Canada market continue from strength to strength along with new markets opening up in South Africa and N.Z. To anyone reading this article I would like to thank you for your support of the K-line brand and its team and it is with great pleasure for me to be handing my responsibility as the ANZ head of Sales over to David Gibson. Being central west NSW born and raised, Dave has a proven track record with 17 years in the CNH family and a passion for Ag industry.

Grain and Beef. However due to the fact this off the back of above average pricing in 2022, everything looks set for a positive year in most commodities and regions. K-line Ag has experienced unprecedented demand for new equipment, especially for the tillage product range. This is largely of the back of 2 extremely wet years coupled with the final run of the Federal Govt 100% depreciation tax plan. The Speedtillers have become the most sort after piece of Equipment across all states of Australia due to the need to manage the excessive amounts of residue, controlling the onset of summer weed growth and getting rutted and flooded country back into shape for the coming cropping season. Other products we have seen an uptake in sales for are the Trackattack for managing wheel ruts in the controlled traffic sector and rippers, primarily the Maxxripper and Thunder-Ripper. Two seasons of heavy

Thank you Bill Larsen.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful way to bid farewell to Bill, we’ve got you covered! An electronic card has been made available for anyone who wishes to send him a heartfelt message. You can easily access this card through the provided link. To ensure that your message is received, kindly make sure to submit it before 30/6/2023. Don’t miss this opportunity to show Bill how much he’ll be missed!



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