Farming In Focus - Autumn 2023



Buy more than just a machine

With six dealerships dotted across South Australia’s lush pastoral districts, Adelaide-based Ramsey Bros. is one of the largest specialist farm equipment suppliers in the state

G roup Sales Director Tim Glover says the line-up of tillers, rippers and ground management tools offered by K-Line Ag is growing in popularity with his broadacre farming customers. Wheat, barley and canola are the dominant crops in the communities of Cleve, Cummins, Kimba, Murray Bridge, Riverton and Wudinna, where Ramsey Bros. operates, along with some lentil and other legume crops. K-Line’s reputation for soil conditioning is also finding favour with South Australia’s world-famous vineyards. “I’ll admit that Ramsey Bros. was probably a bit of a slow burn for K-Line for a while,” Tim says. “But in the last couple of years we’ve become a significant stocking dealer for their products, and our guys have got on board,” Tim says. “It’s not just the agronomic and end-result benefits. The fact K-Line is Australian made, the quality of the build, that sort of thing. That pretty quickly permeated through to our customers, and now K-Line’s a significant partner in our business.”

Quality and value for money rank highly on customers’ checklists, but so too does dealing with an equipment supplier which backs up its product. “K-Line is really good at making sure the end user is satisfied with the product, and the product works to the best of its capability,” Tim says. “I’ve been really impressed by their openness, the reliability, the interaction, the willingness to go that extra step not only for us as a dealer, but also for the customers. “That attention to detail also carries across from the way that they deal with us, to the way that their machines are constructed and presented.” Popular models with Ramsey Bros. customers include the Speedtiller Powerflex®, Trackattack® and Trashcutter®. “We cut our teeth, like a lot of K-Line dealers, on the Trashcutter. We progressed to the Track Attack and we surely do a lot with the PowerFlex these days,” he says. Key concerns for Ramsey Bros.’ broadacre

clientele are stubble management and preparing seedbeds. “It’s about getting that stubble back into the soil, reducing areas of drift and that sort of stuff by the stubble incorporation,” Tim says. “There’s a few guys that have bought them as part of their program to address sand hills and blowouts and things like that. “Vineyard applications are a little bit different, a little bit more weed control, but it’s also just growing cover crops and incorporating them back in between the vines. “The feedback we receive from the customer is always consistent – the product’s doing exactly what I want, with no complication or fuss.” Tim offers two key pieces of advice for farmers on the hunt for quality agricultural machinery. “Deal with a dealer you know, who has runs on the board and reliability,” he says. “And remind yourself that it’s not just about today. Think about tomorrow, and what’s going to happen when you need service and back-up.”


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