Farming In Focus - Autumn 2023


Welcome to the team AUTUMN 2023

Danny Kosasih Welder Fabricator

What’s the best thing (so far) about working at K-Line Ag? The best thing about working at K-line AG is that I or we can control and manage our time effectively. This allows us to work at our best during the day and still have time to spend with our family. It has given me the best work-life balance that I have ever experienced. What would you like to be doing in 5 years time? First of all, I would like to become familiar with my role at K-line. In the second year, I would like to improve myself through training relevant to my job, so that I can become more efficient and useful in helping K-line reach its production and market targets. Once I have mastered my role 100%, I hope to be able to move into a new position as a Welding Instructor within 5 years. This would allow me to train and mentor young people and regenerate the pool of skilled welders at K-line for future projects.

Description of your role at K-Line Ag Ensure that all the required parts for assembly are present. Mark cutting lines on the material. Confirm that all parts are properly fitted, aligned & screwed in. Ensure that quality control standards are met. What attracted you to this position? I believe I have the knowledge and skills required to succeed in this role and at the company. As a welder at K-line, I consistently achieved the highest quality standards for the products we built. Welding requires a steady hand, similar to a surgeon, breathing control like a swimming athlete, a precise sewing hand like a tailor, and problem-solving skills like a chess master. As a skilled welder, I possess all of these abilities. I believe that K-line already has a strong welding team, and I am eager to contribute my skills and become a valuable addition to this team.

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