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September 2019

A SEASON OF NEW BEGINNINGS Saying Hello to Fall and Goodbye to My Youngest

I like all of the seasons, but fall is by far my favorite. For me, it’s the cool weather that puts it over the top. The crisp September mornings give me more energy than the bone-chilling cold of January or the dry heat of July, and, after starting school in the fall for years, it’s the season that I associate with new beginnings. This year, fall is bringing my family a new beginning and a bittersweet ending. At the beginning of September, my wife and I sent our youngest daughter off to college and officially became empty nesters. It’s the first time we haven’t had any of the three girls living at home, and, while I know this is a natural progression and college is what we all want for our kids, it’s going to be pretty different around the house with her gone. As a dad, I’m excited for her to head out of state to school and make her mark. I know she’s more than capable of thriving in a new environment, but I’m equally aware she’ll face challenges along the way. Being an empty nester has brought a challenge for me too, albeit a happy one. After almost 28 years of marriage, my wife and I are getting acquainted like never before. While our youngest daughter is off at school making new friends and hitting the books, she can be assured that we will be staying active back home in Reno. Our city hosts a series of really neat events in September, starting with the Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-Off on Labor Day weekend. This year, 23 of the best barbecuers from around the world showed up to cook and serve 240,000 pounds of pork ribs. The weekend after that brings The Great Reno Balloon Race, which is the largest free hot- air-ballooning event in the world. More than 100,000 people gather north of Reno every year to watch up to 100 colorful balloons take flight. After that, it’s time for the STIHL National Championship Air Races, and then Street

The Great Reno Balloon Race!

Vibrations. It’s a motorcycle rally that’s not really my thing, but it attracts a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy metal, noise, and riding. While I love taking part in the events, my favorite things to do in the fall actually take me away from the crowds. It’s the best season for mountain biking because the summer wind and dust die down after the first autumn rain. The trails are really nice, the leaves turn red, orange, and gold, and the cool air makes working up a sweat a lot less uncomfortable. It’s the perfect time for hiking, too, and I try to get up and down the trails as much as I can before the snow hits. The only thing I don’t look forward to about fall is that it marks the season when the rubber rabbitbrush plant puts out its yellow flowers. Not only do they set off my allergies, but they smell like dog poop to boot. Sometimes when I’m hiking, I’m tempted to hold my nose when I go by a bush.

Rabbitbrush aside, fall is a beautiful season, and its rejuvenating effects extend into the office, too. Though my staff and I work just as hard through the summer months as we do when September comes around, fall seems to be when the business world starts waking up again. People who put things off during the warm, sleepy, summer months get refocused in the fall, and seeing that eagerness to get down to business in my clients makes me happier than ever to come into the office. If you’ve been putting off your legal troubles during summer vacation, give me a call today at 775.448.6070. I’d love to help you start the new season off right!


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