Law Offices of Barry Doyle - May 2019

MAY 2019

together. That’s not saying they don’t have their bad days; they do argue or fight at times, but those moments never last long and are often resolved by the two of them working together. Back when Patrick was born, Caroline was around 2, almost 3, and was at a stage of her life where she looked up to every “big girl” she met. This included women anywhere between the ages of 8–25. She thought the world of them, and often would go out of her way to speak to a group of women if she had the chance. The day that Patrick was born, my dad was taking care of Caroline, and I picked her up to meet her little brother. We got into an elevator with a group of women who were all in their early twenties. Caroline, who was wearing her “I’m a big sister” shirt, was looking at them when one of them asked if she was a big sister. She excitedly told them that she was. The women started telling her that being a big sister “is awesome!” and that “it rocks!” Caroline was drinking up all the attention, and it made her even more excited to see her new baby brother. Then when we got to the room, Caroline met her little brother for the first time. I’ll always remember that moment. Caroline had this big smile as she held him close. Parents often worry if their kids will get along, but I knew right at that moment that everything would be alright. Since then, they’ve been inseparable in anything and everything they do. Even though my brothers and I didn’t grow up very close, it’s very rewarding and heartwarming to see how close my kids are. I cross my fingers every day that they’ll always be tight throughout their lives. They’ll no doubt face some hard times, especially in their teens when things are a bit crazy for everyone, but I’m optimistic that they will remain close as they continue to grow as people. – Barry G. Doyle


While wondering what to write about for this edition, I discovered that National Brothers and Sisters Day takes place on the second of this month. While I don’t have any sisters, the holiday has me thinking about my two younger brothers. We were far enough apart in age that we all developed our own interests independent of each other. But this holiday also makes me think about my kids, Caroline and Patrick. Watching them grow together adds quite a bit of joy to my life. They’re only 2 1/2 years apart and are very close. They do almost everything together, from games and chatting to just spending time

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