According to Hootsuite, 75.3% of businesses will use Instagram in 2020. If you don’t already fall into that percentage, it’s time to start considering just how powerful adding IG to your marketing efforts can be for your business.

Growyour Audience

Build your influence

Generate Sales


Having a presence on Instagram does the following:

1. Allows you to reach a wide audience of past and potential clients

2. Gives you the opportunity to connect with people in an engaging, low-pressure, cost-effective format

3. Shows off your brand’s personality and allows people to see the authentic side of your business





Developing a strong Instagram strategy does the following:

• Establishes you as the expert and builds brand awareness

• Serves as a digital portfolio showcasing your work and life as an agent

• Increases your online presence and exposes you to even more potential sellers

Getting Started

profile to a business profile Once you’ve signed up for your Instagram account,

switch over from a personal

. This will give you the ability to access more features,

track your insights and run ads.

Next, customize your profile. A high-resolution profile photo (use logo or headshot) and a detailed bio will help you stand out and leave a lasting first impression. Think:

Who are you?

What do you do?

Where are you located?

What’s your website address/phone number?

What makes you different?









Someone has landed on your Instagram profile, so let’s keep them there. Although using generic hashtags like #realestate or #cityname in your bio can work (like the previous examples), take it a step further and add a hashtag that is unique to your business or brand. North Group & Kelli Phillips Realty Group do this to help show off what makes them different.

Now that you’re all set up, it’s time to start posting.




Image Size Guide & Recommended Resources

Profile Pic

110 × 110 px

Square Post

1080 × 1080 px


1080 × 1350 px


1080 × 566 px


1080 × 1920 px

Recommended Apps


Canva Available on desktop and mobile, is great for designing graphics, highlights or adding embellishments to your images.


App Store Google Play Add clean line breaks to your Instagram captions with this mobile app. Available on the or .


Instagram content for a perfect execution. Planoly

allows you to visually plan, manage & schedule your





Figuring out what to post on Instagram can be intimidating at first so before you post anything, do some brainstorming and think about:

Once you’ve started posting content, you can head over to your Insights to see if you’re reaching your intended demographic. If your Insights show otherwise, that’s your cue to make content better suited for your audience or to consider making that your new target demographic. Who your audience is - Knowing your demographic will help set the tone for what your content should look like, and everything that you post on Instagram should speak directly to that target demographic. What your business goals are - What do you want to achieve by posting on Instagram? Is it getting more users to your website? Capturing emails? Connecting with new potential customers? Having clear-cut objectives will determine what type of content to post and which ads to run in order to fulfill your business goals.

You want to strive for results that go beyond vanity metrics. Gaining new likes, comments and followers feels nice, but as a business you’re looking for a bigger ROI.




Content Ideas

Listing Promotions

Coming Soon, Just Listed, Open House, Just Sold

Success Stories

here View our entire playbook on Success Stories .




Content Ideas

“Meet the agent”





Content Ideas

Market Reports/Guides

here View our entire playbook on Market Reports .

Home Video Tours




Strategy Best Practices

Make a plan

Organize your ideas by creating an Instagram Content Calendar that reflects your company goals. Figure out what’s best for you by matching your level of activity to the needs of your business, then fill up your calendar accordingly. Content planning is a process specific to you. Use your internal company calendar as a reference and take note of event dates, promotions, holidays, etc. going on that month that should be featured on your social media. The celebration of a holiday, for instance, would make for a good graphic, while a keynote speech at a conference can be edited into a sharable video clip.




Photo vs Video

Not sure what to film? Consider videos like home tours, tips & tricks, Q&A’s and client testimonials. This type of content will be well worth it as videos posted on Instagram get 21.2% more interactions than photos. Though Instagram was originally released as a photo sharing app, it eventually began to lean more and more heavily toward video. This is good news for you because 68% of people prefer video over other mediums to learn about products or services.


For scheduling content, Instagram has a convenient “Drafts” feature that allows you to edit and save posts to be uploaded later, and services like Hootsuite allow you to organize future posts with just a few clicks.

Engaging with others

Communication is key on social media. The more that you interact with other people’s content, the more likely people are to engage with yours in return— but be genuine about this. There’s no bigger buzzkill than an account that follows you just for the follow back (and then unfollows you when you don’t.) Browse Instagram for content that appeals to you and engage with those posts by liking, commenting, sharing or even following the account who posted it. Forming genuine connections with other users will not only help build your following, but i’ll make your Instagram experience more enjoyable overall.




Contests & Giveaways

One of the quickest and most effective ways to build an Instagram following is to run quality contests & giveaways. Something as simple as offering tickets to a local sports game or a giftcard to a local restaurant can draw people in immediately. When using this tactic, you want to ensure you have a great visual promotion to go along with your offer, as well as the specifics on how to win.




Optimizing Posts


Optimize your Instagram posts by using relevant hashtags that will make your content searchable to the public. Can’t figure out which hashtags to use? A simple google search will bring up tons of websites dedicated to providing you with trending Instagram hashtags for any given category. #realestate #realtor #realestateagent #home #property #forsale #investment #realtorlife #dreamhome #interiordesign #newhome #househunting #house #realty #homesweethome #luxuryhomes #broker #entrepreneur #homesforsale #design #sold #realestatelife #business #realtors #openhouse Top Hashtags for Real Estate:


Instagram is a visual platform, but your messaging can be just as powerful. Come up with enticing captions for your posts that will get your audience’s attention. Maybe share a useful fact with them, or ask a question to get them involved— and don’t forget to use emojis. These eye-grabbing emoticons are being used in 50% of captions and comments on the platform, so join in on the fun!





posts that include a location receive 79% more engagement than those without An Instagram study conducted by SimplyMeasured found that . As an added benefit, geotagging is a great way to cross-promote with local businesses in your area. Think “word of mouth” but online. When you spread the word about their business by posting about them on IG, they’re likely to repost your content in return. It’s a win, win!




Instagram Stories & Instagram Live

One of Instagram’s most appealing features is Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories are temporary moments available for your audience’s viewing for only 24 hours.

One of the major benefits to publishing Stories on social media is that the engagement you receive on this content is 100% opt-in. Users don’t have to view your Stories, they choose to. Knowing this, you can get an idea of who is most interested in your content and initiate conversations with those people over time. To get the most out of your Stories, make them interactive.




How to Use Instagram Stories

As soon as you log in to Instagram, you’ll see stories from other users at the top of your feed. To add your own, click the camera icon located on the top left-hand side of your homepage. This will open up your camera in IG Stories mode where you can select from the following options:








or upload a previously saved image or video from your camera roll. You can decorate your IG story posts by adding embellishments, emojis, text, drawings and more. Instagram Stories allow you to ask questions, create polls, quizzes and countdowns with the option for reminder notifications, and gather feedback from your audience. These to ols provide incredible value if you use them the right way.




To engage with your followers without sending spammy messages, get the conversation started through Stories. Remember: Stories are opt-in, and followers who interact with your content by answering questions or voting on polls have done so willingly. This makes it so much easier for you to slide into the DMs and get a conversation going. Poll results can drive conversations with future sellers. Even if they’re not looking to do business right away, you now have a reason to message them and start building a relationship for when the time comes. IG Stories are a great way to humanize the real estate experience. Don’t feel obligated to only post about homes. You can post behind the scenes footage with your team or take your followers along for the ride as you show them a day in your life.

Posting a quick walkthrough of the property or a check-in on the day of the Open House will give your viewers a feel for what it’s really like to work with you and offer them insight into what you do for your clients. Solidify your position as the expert by not just telling them you’re an awesome agent, but by showing them through your Stories.




Instagram Live

Instagram also gives you the ability to share live video by using their Instagram Live feature. Your audience can interact with you in real time by liking and commenting on your live stream, providing you with the benefit of instant engagement. Once you’ve concluded your broadcast, the stream will no longer be visible in the app, unless you choose to share the replay on your IG story. For more direct communication, you can connect with other users through Instagram messages which allow you to have one-on-one or group conversations and send private images or videos. Use this feature wisely, as it can be a very powerful networking tool.




Advertising on Instagram

Everything mentioned previously about deciding what you want out of Instagram goes twice as far when you add a budget to it. Thankfully, Instagram put together this helpful graphic of all the advertising objectives they offer.

Instagram Advertising Objectives

Credit: Instagram

Types of ads

Instagram Story Ads

Carousel Ads

Video Ads

Collection Ads

Photo Ads

Ads in Explore




How To Get Traffic, Followers, And DMs On Instagram

here View our full blog on this topic .

Step 1 - Choose your post

Go to your profile, select a post you want to use, and press the Promote button.

Step 2 - Choose your objective

This is where you decide whether you want Website Traffic, Profile Visits, or Direct Messages.




Step 3 - Create Your Audience

Instead of automatic, choose Create Your Own.

Step 4 - Define your Audience

Build your audience based on age (Choose 18 - 65 yr) and your market's location.




Step 5 - Set a Budget and Duration

Instagram Advertising is still very cheap compared to other platforms. Start with a budget between $25 - $50 and run the campaign for 2 - 4 days.

Step 6 - Verify

Once you're sure everything looks good, press Create Promotion. You're all set!





How to Run an Instagram Story “Swipe Up” Ad

Step 1

In Ads Manager, select “Create”

Step 2

Because this is a real estate ad, check the “I'm creating a campaign for ads in a Special Ad Category” box under Special Ad Category. From the dropdown menu, choose the “Housing” option.

Step 3

Choose your objective. This is where you decide whether you want Website Traffic, Profile Visits, or Direct Messages.

Step 4

Create Your Audience. Instead of automatic, choose Create Your Own.

Step 5

Define your Audience. Build your audience based on age (Choose 18 - 65 yr) and your market's location.





How to Run an Instagram Story “Swipe Up” Ad

Step 6

Under “Placements”, select “Edit Placements” and check only the Instagram platform. For placements, you will only check Instagram Stories.

Step 7

Set a Budget and Duration. We recommend 10-20% of your Facebook budget. See how that performs to establish a baseline and adjust accordingly. Run the campaign for 2-4 days.

Step 8

Verify. Once you're sure everything looks good, press Create Promotion. You're all set!


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