Introduction to VDAS® e-lab and Remote View Hardware

I ntroduc i ng VDAS ® e-lab Remot e S tudent Engagement Solut i on

t ecqu i pment. com

VDAS ® e-lab is a flexible and easy-to-use cloud TecQuipment’s VDAS ® -enabled products and c and participate in laboratory experiments for a

Data Capture Sof tware Live experimental data direct from the laboratory can be processed by an unlimited number of remote students


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enab l ed product

• Students can individually manipulate the experiment data remotely • Provides automatic calculation, recording, charting and data export remotely • Low network bandwidth requirement of 1 Mbps to increase accessibility • To monitor engagement, the connection status of students’ are time logged • Suited to remote classroom demonstrations, laboratory experiments and group work

An I ntroduct i on to VDAS ® e-lab

VDAS ® fami l i ar i sat i on


d-based system from TecQuipment. The software works with can be used remotely, allowing students to interactively engage an adaptable, blended learning approach.

mult i - camera v i deo For live streaming of experiments and demonstrations, TecQuipment can supply the necessary cameras, tripods and fittings. Chose from four different bundles containing cameras, tripods, stands and mounts.


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VDAS ® e-lab : Frequent ly asked q

Why should I buy VDAS ® e-lab rather than simply send my students a file of experiment data? VDAS ® e-lab encourages students to actively engage in the process and allows students to capture their own unique data set in direct response to observing the experiments in real time. This provides a better learning experience as the student observes the experimental procedure and may often need to request specific changes of the experimental parameters. The possibilities for plagiarism are greatly diminished, with lecturers being able to identify exactly who has participated in the experiment and, where doubts may exist, compare data sets between students. If I already have VDAS ® software, can I use this remotely? No, you will need to download the latest VDAS ® (4.0.0 upwards) AND the institution will need to purchase an annual VDAS ® e-lab licence that will enable you to use the VDAS ® e-lab remote live data-sharing functionality. When I purchase VDAS ® e-lab, do you send the software by post? No, visit to download the latest version of the VDAS ® software. It is the same version of the software for both the person demonstrating the physical experiment and the student remotely receiving live experiment data. The VDAS ® e-lab licence unlocks the remote capability within VDAS ® .

Low ne twork bandwi dth requ i rement of max 1 Mbps

Can I use the same VDAS ® e-la computers? The licence is specific to the ex transferred to other computers If I have a single licence for on it on different physical versions example, I have one Universal but I also want to use it with an Machine that is located on site Yes, it is not specific to the sing to the experiment.

VDAS ® - compat i b l e T ecQu i pment product

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Do my students need a licence of VDAS ® e-lab? Not if they are receiving the live experiment data. Students download the latest version of VDAS ® (4.0.0 upwards) and will be given a connection ID from the demonstrator, who requires the licence to be active on their PC. The demonstrator could also be a student who has been provided with the licence information. How do I renew the annual licence? You will be contacted by TecQuipment near your renewal date about the renewals process. How many students can I stream live data to at any one time? There is no limit to the number of students you can share live VDAS ® e-lab experiment data with. What are the computer requirements for students to run VDAS ® e-lab? Students and the demonstrator each require a computer with Windows 8 or 10 operating system and 500 Mb of hard disk space, plus at least an Intel 5 or equivalent processor. What are the internet requirements for sending and receiving live VDAS ® e-lab data? A maximum of 1 Mbps is required. For many VDAS ® experiments, the requirement is much less than this.

xperiment and can be easily s. ne experiment, can I use s of that experiment? For Testing Machine on site 1 nother Universal Testing e 2. le product, but it is specific



Is the data stored in the cloud? No, the cloud is used to distribute the data only.

How does VDAS ® connect to the network? The VDAS ® hardware connects to a PC, which must be connected via WiFi/Ethernet to the internet and the cloud to share the data. Is a demo licence available? Yes, for a two-week free demonstration licence please contact What is the difference between VDAS ® software and VDAS ® e-lab? The VDAS ® software is part of the entire VDAS ® solution from TecQuipment that includes hardware that is either Onboard, or available separately. VDAS ® e-lab is the remote data transfer functionality within the VDAS ® software. VDAS ® software is available free of charge, but in order to access the VDAS ® e-lab remote data functionality an annual licence is required. Can experiments be controlled remotely using VDAS ® e-lab? No. Can students work independently recording and analysing experiment data? Yes, because each student is working within their own version of VDAS ® , receiving the live experiment data through the VDAS ® e-lab functionality. Can experiment data be shared? Yes, they can either save the experiment data as a .dat file that can be opened within VDAS ® by another person, or exported as an Excel or HTML document. If you are running an online classroom session at the same time, there is the option to share your screen as well. Can the whole session be recorded so a student who has missed it can watch a recording? Yes, if you are using an online classroom/meeting facility such as Zoom, GoToMeeting etc, you can record the session. To record your screen you can also use free software such as OBS.

Can an academic supply a stu practical teaching experiment Yes, they send the .dat file. What teaching equipment can The teaching equipment need have VDAS ® either Onboard o hardware unit (VDAS-B or VDA apparatus and a suitable com or higher. Do I need VDAS ® integrating h VDAS-F)? If the experiment does not hav to have a VDAS ® hardware un equipment and the demonstra with VDAS ® e-lab enabled.


udent who has missed the live t session with data?

TRY VDAS ® e-lab remot e s tudent engagement sof tware for fre e cl i ck to ge t your two -week demo l i cence

n I use VDAS ® e-lab with? ds to be VDAS ® enabled and or have a separate VDAS ® AS-F) connected to the mputer running VDAS ® 4.0.0

Do I need to upgrade my VDAS ® hardware to use VDAS ® e-lab? No Does VDAS ® e-lab deliver the FULL functionality of standard VDAS ® for data capture, recording and analysis? Yes

hardware (VDAS-B and

ve VDAS ® Onboard, you need nit connected to the teaching ator’s computer running VDAS ®


Remot e V i ew hardware : Frequen

Can I run VDAS ® e-lab separately to the Remote View Hardware? Yes, they are entirely independent of each other. Can I use the Remote View Hardware with other equipment? Yes, this is independent to VDAS ® and VDAS ® e-lab. You can use it on non-VDAS ® - enabled TecQuipment products like the Engineering Science range, and third-party non-TecQuipment teaching apparatus in your laboratories. Can I use my own cameras? Yes, if the cameras are compatible with the TecQuipment-supplied mounts and tripods. Can I use my own tripods? Yes, if they are compatible with the TecQuipment- supplied cameras.

You recommend using ManyCam to integrate the live streaming of multiple cameras into one visual feed, but can I use other software for this function? Yes, other options are available on the market. We recommend ManyCam because of its extensive functionality and that it is compatible with the major online meeting classroom platforms.


nt ly asked ques t i ons


VDAS ® enab l ed product s

Aerodynami cs Subsonic Wind Tunnel A F 1 300 Subsonic Wind Tunnel* A F 1 4 50S Subsonic Wind Tunnel* A F 1 600S Flight Demonstration Wind Tunnel** A F4 1 V Nozzle Flow Apparatus A F 2 7 Intermittent Supersonic Wind Tunnel A F 300 Continuous Supersonic Wind Tunnel A F 302 F lu i d Mechan i cs Pipe Surge and Water Hammer H405 Flumes FC300 * Centrifugal Pump Test Set H47

Beam Apparatus SM1 004 Euler Buckling Apparatus SM1 0 Nex t Generat i on S truc All 22 experiment modules** Theory of Mach i nes Air Bearing Apparatus T E96 Cam Analysis Machine** TM1 02 Balance of Reciprocating Mas

Geared Systems TM1 0 1 8 Centrifugal Force TM1 005 Governors TM1 02 7

Free Vibrations of a Mass-Spr Free Torsional Vibrations TM1 65 Free Vibrations of a Cantilever Free Vibrations of a Beam and Free and Forced Vibrations** T Thermodynami cs Ideal Gasses –Boyle’s Law TD 1 Ideal Gasses – Gay-Lussac’s L Expansion of Perfect Gas** TD Filmwise and Dropwise Conde Emissivity – Natural Convectio Unsteady State Heat Transfer* Heat Transfer Experiments TD 1 Free and Forced Convection T Benchtop Heat Exchangers TD Cross-Flow Heat Exchanger T Radiant Transfer Experiments Water-to-Air Heat Exchangers Peltier and Seebeck Effect TD 1 0 Temperature Measurement a Saturated Steam – Marcet Bo * Is supplied with VDAS-F, VD ** Is supplied with VDAS ® Onb

Advanced Series and Parallel Pumps** H53V Two-Stage Series and Parallel Pumps H83 Advanced Hydrology and Rainfall Apparatus** H3 1 3V

Centrifugal Pump Module MF P 1 0 1 Axial Flow Pump Module MF P 1 02

Positive Displacement Pump Module MF P 1 03 Reciprocating Compressor Module MF P 1 04 Centrifugal Compressor Module MF P 1 05 Centrifugal Fan Module MF P 1 06 Axial Fan Module MFP 1 0 7 Pitot-Static Traverse 450 mm MFP 1 0 7a Mat er i a l s T es t i ng and Propert i es

Thin Cylinder SM1 00 7 Diaphragm SM1 008 Thick Cylinder SM1 0 1 1

Strain Gauge Trainer SM1 009 Digital Strain Display SM1 0 1 0

Torsion Testing Machine, 30 Nm SM1 00 1 Rotating Fatigue Machine** SM1 090V Creep Machine SM1 006 Benchtop Tensile Testing Machine SM1 002 Universal Testing Machine SM1 000 Unsymmetrical Cantilever Apparatus SM1 003


eng i nes Small Engine Test Set TD200 Regenerative Engine Test Set TD300 Thermal Power Plant with Steam Engine Trainer TD 1 050 env i ronmenta l control Cooling Towers** EC 1 000V ** Advanced HVAC & R Trainer** EC 1 550V **

05 ctures S T S2 – S T S22

2 1 V sses** TM1 02 2V

Refrigeration Cycle** EC 1 500V ** Air Conditioning Trainer** EC 1 50 1 V A lt ernat i v e Energy Photovoltaic Cells T E4 Focusing Solar Energy Collector T E 38 Flat Plate Solar Energy Collector T E 39 Wind Turbine Dynamics** AE 1 005V

ring System TM1 6 4 5 r TM1 66 d Spring TM1 6 7 TM1 0 1 6V

000 Law TD 1 00 1 1 004V

ensation and Boiling T E 7 8 on and Radiation** TD 1 0 1 1 V ** TD 1 009V 002 D 1 005 D360 E93 TD 1 003 s TD 1 00 7 008 nd Calibration TD400 oiler TD 1 006

Se t t i ng Up a Connect i on i n T ecQu i pment VDAS ®

VDAS ® sof tware The software is available to download free of charge for any unlimited number of users from the ‘downloads’ section of the TecQuipment website.

DAS-FC or VDAS-B as standard board as standard


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