Introduction to VDAS® e-lab and Remote View Hardware

VDAS ® enab l ed product s

Aerodynami cs Subsonic Wind Tunnel A F 1 300 Subsonic Wind Tunnel* A F 1 4 50S Subsonic Wind Tunnel* A F 1 600S Nozzle Flow Apparatus A F 2 7

Theory of Mach i nes Air Bearing Apparatus T E96 Cam Analysis Machine** TM1 02 Balance of Reciprocating Mas

Geared Systems TM1 0 1 8 Centrifugal Force TM1 005 Governors TM1 02 7

Intermittent Supersonic Wind Tunnel A F 300 Continuous Supersonic Wind Tunnel A F 302 F lu i d Mechan i cs Pipe Surge and Water Hammer H405 Flumes FC300 * Centrifugal Pump Test Set H47 Advanced Series and Parallel Pumps** H53V Two-Stage Series and Parallel Pumps H83

Free Vibrations of a Mass-Spr Free Torsional Vibrations TM1 65 Free Vibrations of a Cantilever Free Vibrations of a Beam and Free and Forced Vibrations** T Thermodynami cs Ideal Gasses –Boyle’s Law TD 1 Ideal Gasses – Gay-Lussac’s L Expansion of Perfect Gas** TD Filmwise and Dropwise Conde Emissivity – Natural Convectio Unsteady State Heat Transfer* Heat Transfer Experiments TD 1 Free and Forced Convection T Benchtop Heat Exchangers TD Cross-Flow Heat Exchanger T Radiant Transfer Experiments Water-to-Air Heat Exchangers Peltier and Seebeck Effect TD 1 0 Temperature Measurement a Saturated Steam – Marcet Bo eng i nes Small Engine Test Set TD200 Regenerative Engine Test Set Thermal Power Plant with Ste

Centrifugal Pump Module MF P 1 0 1 Axial Flow Pump Module MF P 1 02

Positive Displacement Pump Module MF P 1 03 Reciprocating Compressor Module MF P 1 04 Centrifugal Compressor Module MF P 1 05 Centrifugal Fan Module MF P 1 06 Axial Fan Module MFP 1 0 7 Pitot-Static Traverse 450 mm MFP 1 0 7a Mat er i a l s T es t i ng and Propert i es

Thin Cylinder SM1 00 7 Diaphragm SM1 008 Thick Cylinder SM1 0 1 1

Strain Gauge Trainer SM1 009 Digital Strain Display SM1 0 1 0

Torsion Testing Machine, 30 Nm SM1 00 1 Rotating Fatigue Machine** SM1 090V Creep Machine SM1 006 Benchtop Tensile Testing Machine SM1 002 Universal Testing Machine SM1 000 Unsymmetrical Cantilever Apparatus SM1 003 Beam Apparatus SM1 004 Euler Buckling Apparatus SM1 005

* Is supplied with VDAS-F, VD ** Is supplied with VDAS ® Onb


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