Introduction to VDAS® e-lab and Remote View Hardware

VDAS ® e-lab : Frequent ly asked q

Why should I buy VDAS ® e-lab rather than simply send my students a file of experiment data? VDAS ® e-lab encourages students to actively engage in the process and allows students to capture their own unique data set in direct response to observing the experiments in real time. This provides a better learning experience as the student observes the experimental procedure and may often need to request specific changes of the experimental parameters. The possibilities for plagiarism are greatly diminished, with lecturers being able to identify exactly who has participated in the experiment and, where doubts may exist, compare data sets between students. If I already have VDAS ® software, can I use this remotely? No, you will need to download the latest VDAS ® (4.0.0 upwards) AND the institution will need to purchase an annual VDAS ® e-lab licence that will enable you to use the VDAS ® e-lab remote live data-sharing functionality. When I purchase VDAS ® e-lab, do you send the software by post? No, visit to download the latest version of the VDAS ® software. It is the same version of the software for both the person demonstrating the physical experiment and the student remotely receiving live experiment data. The VDAS ® e-lab licence unlocks the remote capability within VDAS ® .

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Can I use the same VDAS ® e-la computers? The licence is specific to the ex transferred to other computers If I have a single licence for on it on different physical versions example, I have one Universal but I also want to use it with an Machine that is located on site Yes, it is not specific to the sing to the experiment.

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