Introduction to VDAS® e-lab and Remote View Hardware

Is the data stored in the cloud? No, the cloud is used to distribute the data only.

How does VDAS ® connect to the network? The VDAS ® hardware connects to a PC, which must be connected via WiFi/Ethernet to the internet and the cloud to share the data. Is a demo licence available? Yes, for a two-week free demonstration licence please contact What is the difference between VDAS ® software and VDAS ® e-lab? The VDAS ® software is part of the entire VDAS ® solution from TecQuipment that includes hardware that is either Onboard, or available separately. VDAS ® e-lab is the remote data transfer functionality within the VDAS ® software. VDAS ® software is available free of charge, but in order to access the VDAS ® e-lab remote data functionality an annual licence is required. Can experiments be controlled remotely using VDAS ® e-lab? No. Can students work independently recording and analysing experiment data? Yes, because each student is working within their own version of VDAS ® , receiving the live experiment data through the VDAS ® e-lab functionality. Can experiment data be shared? Yes, they can either save the experiment data as a .dat file that can be opened within VDAS ® by another person, or exported as an Excel or HTML document. If you are running an online classroom session at the same time, there is the option to share your screen as well. Can the whole session be recorded so a student who has missed it can watch a recording? Yes, if you are using an online classroom/meeting facility such as Zoom, GoToMeeting etc, you can record the session. To record your screen you can also use free software such as OBS.

Can an academic supply a stu practical teaching experiment Yes, they send the .dat file. What teaching equipment can The teaching equipment need have VDAS ® either Onboard o hardware unit (VDAS-B or VDA apparatus and a suitable com or higher. Do I need VDAS ® integrating h VDAS-F)? If the experiment does not hav to have a VDAS ® hardware un equipment and the demonstra with VDAS ® e-lab enabled.


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