Introduction to VDAS® e-lab and Remote View Hardware

udent who has missed the live t session with data?

TRY VDAS ® e-lab remot e s tudent engagement sof tware for fre e cl i ck to ge t your two -week demo l i cence

n I use VDAS ® e-lab with? ds to be VDAS ® enabled and or have a separate VDAS ® AS-F) connected to the mputer running VDAS ® 4.0.0

Do I need to upgrade my VDAS ® hardware to use VDAS ® e-lab? No Does VDAS ® e-lab deliver the FULL functionality of standard VDAS ® for data capture, recording and analysis? Yes

hardware (VDAS-B and

ve VDAS ® Onboard, you need nit connected to the teaching ator’s computer running VDAS ®


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