Introduction to VDAS® e-lab and Remote View Hardware

Remot e V i ew hardware : Frequen

Can I run VDAS ® e-lab separately to the Remote View Hardware? Yes, they are entirely independent of each other. Can I use the Remote View Hardware with other equipment? Yes, this is independent to VDAS ® and VDAS ® e-lab. You can use it on non-VDAS ® - enabled TecQuipment products like the Engineering Science range, and third-party non-TecQuipment teaching apparatus in your laboratories. Can I use my own cameras? Yes, if the cameras are compatible with the TecQuipment-supplied mounts and tripods. Can I use my own tripods? Yes, if they are compatible with the TecQuipment- supplied cameras.

You recommend using ManyCam to integrate the live streaming of multiple cameras into one visual feed, but can I use other software for this function? Yes, other options are available on the market. We recommend ManyCam because of its extensive functionality and that it is compatible with the major online meeting classroom platforms.


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