Introduction to VDAS® e-lab and Remote View Hardware

VDAS ® enab l ed product s

Aerodynami cs Subsonic Wind Tunnel A F 1 300 Subsonic Wind Tunnel* A F 1 4 50S Subsonic Wind Tunnel* A F 1 600S Flight Demonstration Wind Tunnel** A F4 1 V Nozzle Flow Apparatus A F 2 7 Intermittent Supersonic Wind Tunnel A F 300 Continuous Supersonic Wind Tunnel A F 302 F lu i d Mechan i cs Pipe Surge and Water Hammer H405 Flumes FC300 * Centrifugal Pump Test Set H47

Beam Apparatus SM1 004 Euler Buckling Apparatus SM1 0 Nex t Generat i on S truc All 22 experiment modules** Theory of Mach i nes Air Bearing Apparatus T E96 Cam Analysis Machine** TM1 02 Balance of Reciprocating Mas

Geared Systems TM1 0 1 8 Centrifugal Force TM1 005 Governors TM1 02 7

Free Vibrations of a Mass-Spr Free Torsional Vibrations TM1 65 Free Vibrations of a Cantilever Free Vibrations of a Beam and Free and Forced Vibrations** T Thermodynami cs Ideal Gasses –Boyle’s Law TD 1 Ideal Gasses – Gay-Lussac’s L Expansion of Perfect Gas** TD Filmwise and Dropwise Conde Emissivity – Natural Convectio Unsteady State Heat Transfer* Heat Transfer Experiments TD 1 Free and Forced Convection T Benchtop Heat Exchangers TD Cross-Flow Heat Exchanger T Radiant Transfer Experiments Water-to-Air Heat Exchangers Peltier and Seebeck Effect TD 1 0 Temperature Measurement a Saturated Steam – Marcet Bo * Is supplied with VDAS-F, VD ** Is supplied with VDAS ® Onb

Advanced Series and Parallel Pumps** H53V Two-Stage Series and Parallel Pumps H83 Advanced Hydrology and Rainfall Apparatus** H3 1 3V

Centrifugal Pump Module MF P 1 0 1 Axial Flow Pump Module MF P 1 02

Positive Displacement Pump Module MF P 1 03 Reciprocating Compressor Module MF P 1 04 Centrifugal Compressor Module MF P 1 05 Centrifugal Fan Module MF P 1 06 Axial Fan Module MFP 1 0 7 Pitot-Static Traverse 450 mm MFP 1 0 7a Mat er i a l s T es t i ng and Propert i es

Thin Cylinder SM1 00 7 Diaphragm SM1 008 Thick Cylinder SM1 0 1 1

Strain Gauge Trainer SM1 009 Digital Strain Display SM1 0 1 0

Torsion Testing Machine, 30 Nm SM1 00 1 Rotating Fatigue Machine** SM1 090V Creep Machine SM1 006 Benchtop Tensile Testing Machine SM1 002 Universal Testing Machine SM1 000 Unsymmetrical Cantilever Apparatus SM1 003


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