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How My Job Fosters Personal Relationships With Clients GETTING TO KNOW YOU

I n my profession as a financial expert, I’m privy to some of the most intimate details of a person’s life. I watch them save for retirement, increase their equity, possibly struggle through hurdles, make family additions, and eventually settle into their golden years. Contrary to how it may seem, my business is about more than money, numbers, and well- drafted spreadsheets; it’s about the people behind those numbers. They’re why I do what I do everyday. I’ve had a dentist who developed lupus, retired early, and received millions of dollars in disability benefits. I’ve had parents who were preparing for their children to leave home and figuring out their next steps with their own parents as they aged. I’ve had clients who had to abruptly change their policies or plans because of unexpected deaths or changes. I appreciate the long-standing relationships I have with clients who have become friends, and I’m grateful that they continue to trust me. I’ve recently broadened my services to offer more holistic options, including a variety of routes for financial planning, social security, and tax planning. I did this because, in getting to know my clients, I saw how unique everyone and their situation can be. “I appreciate the long- standing relationships I have with clients who have become friends, and I’m grateful that they continue to trust me.”

I’ve been there through all of it, making friends with people, sympathizing with them, and celebrating with them. Sure, I could just run the numbers and make our relationship purely business, but I value them as individuals, and I understand the personal background behind their retirement, home, and life plans. My business is personal, starting with the name.

When my wife, Becky, and I were first engaged, I began Brybeck Financial. She and I decided to combine our names to create the business’ name, and we came up with Bribeck. We changed the “i” to a “y,” and here we are many years later. For the past 20 years, I’ve also been lucky enough to share most of Brybeck Financial’s successes with my diligent and kind assistant, Tina Rogers. Throughout her 20 years at Brybeck, Tina has also developed her own relationships with our clients. Becky and I have also been lucky enough to raise a family together, and our children, Tim and Julie, are some of our greatest accomplishments. Just like my clients, I love watching them grow. This fall Julie will get married, while Tim will give us our first grandchild in December. (By the way, I won’t be “Grandpa.” I’ll affectionately be called “Boompa” instead.) Besides my family, traveling, boating, volunteering with my church, and cheering on my New York Jets and Mets are some of my passions. If I went to my own financial advisor, these are all aspects they would learn about me. Maybe we’d talk about Broadway Joe Namath and the Jets’ glory days, swap boat stories, or talk about crazy things that happened on the golf course. In order to help my clients, I have to know them. I have to know if they value experiences or if they are more concerned with security, and in order to do that, we have to know each other. So, if we haven’t chatted in a while, I’d love to catch up.

—Brian Irving


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